Gear Zong "Zeus"

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  1. Hey gc! I have had this piece for around 3 months now, and decided I should post it up because im bored in the airport! :p This piece isnt the thickest piece but I have dinged this thing against my toilet amd marble counter and was shocked it didnt break! Tokes like a beauty and has a quick clear. :smoke: will post a milk vid when I have a computer around me

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  2. holy shit dudde, you dont see many bongs like this!!!
    that is win.

  3. i know of 4 people were i live that has that :p someone i know calls his Sharktooth
  4. That thing is a beast. Looks like a klingnon weapon or a lizard tail or something. Lightning bolt to the dome :)
  5. Looks great! Nice purchase.
  6. that's really nice. I personally have not seen one like that before.
  7. i wish i could shrink down and walk inside of that thing just to see what its like.
    and then try to get inside of a bubble or something. idk
  8. Glad to read you guys like it! I miss that bong :(. Im in vancouver visiting my sister, only been smoking joints. Cant wait to get home and rip a fat bowl outta zeus :)

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