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  1. Hi, new to the forums.

    Is there any way to actually get the 'real' Grand Daddy Purple seeds that would give the effects of this strain as listed and reviewed on 'Leafly'?

    It's been reviewed pretty heavily over there and not many at all are complaining about 'anxious' as a negative side effect.

    I'm in the southeastern United States. Thank you
  2. I've had success with original GDP through Attitude Seeds. Takes about 7 days to arrive. 4 of the 5 seeds germinated and i got 2 females out of that batch. One pheno was amazing, the other was unstable. Good luck with your grow!

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  3. Cool, thanks. There are a lot of different 'sellers' I guess you would call it. Which one did you have success with? I assume it's the one that says 'original grand daddy purple?'

    Some others for example are Grand Daddy Purple seeds by "Kendawg, Bay Dream, Snow Cap, Candy Land, Seeds Bay 11, etc."
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  4. [​IMG]
    Many Fakes about

    go ask Ken yourself

    Grand Daddy Purp™

    good luck
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  5. Thanks for that link. I see the description and picture for the original GDP given there are the same ones given for the original GDP over at Attitude Seed Bank. Hopefully they're the same one?
  6. A reputable seed store like Attitude isn't going to be selling fakes. If word got out their business would fail.
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  7. Fake probably isn't exactly what he meant. The seed business is full of hack breeders that regularly steal other people's work and make "copies" of it to sell as their own gear. So what one breeder may be selling as grand daddy purp seeds may be an attempt to reproduce the original, and not actually the real genetics. The hacks at greenhouse seeds are a great example of ripping off other people genetics and either rebranding or not even bothering to hide it. Attitude sells plenty of seeds that aren't the exact original strain. DJ Short is credited with the original blueberry, but check out how many other vendors sell blueberry. The seed business is well, a bit shady to say the least.
  8. The human business is shady to say the least. One landrace or another. I have personally had many great genetics out of Greenhouse. They are some of the leaders in the industry. Many people don't like how they operate and people will always find fault. Lets measure, however, personally what we've done for the movement. Compare that to Arjan and the late Francos own accomplishments. Idk, i take pride in their work for our love of cannabis.

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    Arjan is a hack pollen chucker selling junk gear. The only great "work" he accomplished was using gear left by or stolen from Shanti. If you've had great results with his genetics then consider yourself in a very select group, he has a well known reputation for selling bunk gear.

    The greenhouse land race initiative is more about them making money and isolating the few remaining pure landrace strains for themselves than it is love for cannabis or the community. Greenhouse is one of the highest selling vendors only because they are low priced and pushed by seed banks due to a higher profit margin. Calling Greenhouse leaders in the seed industry is like calling McDonalds a leader in cuisine just because people choke down millions of thier shitty hamburgers.

    Don't agree? Shanti does:

    Since 1998 I must have answered several thousand complaints against Arjan's seed which he sells under GHSco. He will never admit it but he lost or killed most all plants that were left to him so he basically buys in seed from Ingemar(which is unpredictable at best) or tries to avoid true breeding by using hormones to feminize seed. The reason he feminizes seed is two fold, one it sells well to beginners or people wanting to only get females, and two because he has no idea of what male to breed with...nor does he have the males so as an alternative use the hormones to make seed from the female...a job anyone can do. The only problem now will come when people grow his types. And just a small tip for anyone who really wants to know, the loudest sound comes from an empty barrel...that is why he has god knows how many strains named after his own it ego or insecurity...I will leave it to you to figure.

    One last thing is if anyone of his internet sites dealt with complaints my life and work load would be so much lighter. A self acclaimed king...but actually a glorified dope dealer nothing more nothing less. Here endeth the story...all the best Sb
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  10. I thought this thread was going to be about economics.

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