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GDP x orange kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ChaliTuna, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. got a sack yesterday of grandaddy purp x orange kush
    here's a pic of it after a few bowls

    if you can find GDP strains, i definitely recommend this strain, very strong high...mixture of body high from making you wanna sleep and feeling like jello but has a strong head high that creeps on you kind of like trainwreck
  2. god damn its beautiful

  3. thanks my man, now i know what people mean when they say real purp genetics make you wanna sleep :smoke:
  4. $100 says your dealer told you it was GDP so you'd buy it
  5. na, that looks like GDP and OC. u can see the characteristics of both. the smell must be crazy never seen this mix

  6. 100 bucks says i'm in cali and i know for a fact it's GDP x Orange Kush, this guy gets me straight dank, i have chemdawg from him at the moment and my last pickup was some skunk weed, i trust this guy.

    Last post, c'mon man...there's no fucking way you can tell the strain just from lookin at the picture, sorry to say

  7. but it doesnt even look like the GDP that stoned42 posted the other day.... :D

  8. Bahahaha that made my day, honestly could of sold that kid dog shit and told him it was indian dank
  9. I've done some food GDP and that does have the look of GDP during the summer. When thee isn't any purp.
  10. Okay guys, it's not GDP. Quit complaining and just look how dank that nug is. :D
  11. i get that...

    but ive had many batches of both. and im saying i see the characteristics of both. which is why i believe you. couldve sworn there was another pic first time i saw it
  12. Well since your in cali, everyone must be telling the truth. Whatever floats your boat :smoke:

  13. i'm just saying...i know we're getting it straight through the grower, so i can almost guarantee the strain

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