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GDP Oregon Pick-Up AKA HELLA Dank

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by MS. OXY, May 6, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    My BF got me this as a little gift just thought I would share with my fellow blades. This is the pic that he took.

  2. dear jesus iv never seen anything like that in real life before
  3. Yup tokin on it as we speak honey
  4. nice bud almost looks black
  5. It's just a really dark purple and dark orange hairs
  6. Is a purple bud like that very rare?
  7. Hype on those grapes haha
  8. I've seen a few nugs that come out that way, its always a sight to behold :D
  9. uber.......hows she smoke?
  10. was about to say something about the man hands in the pic when i read it was his picture lol

    looks dank, enjoy that smoke. although purples always make me want to go to sleep more than most indicas it seems lol
  11. niiiice, those are some sexy buds ms. oxy
  12. Why thank you boys ;)
  13. Looks like some stressed or fake purps, has a few nanners from my view also the coloring does not look natural. Mayb its the pic annndd im tripppnnn ha or too high lol
  14. Yep nice bud,
  15. My BF got it from a dispensary Thats all I know
  16. whenever i get extremly dark purple like that it always has some strange taste. give us a smoke report
  17. It has a very sweet first taste with a tart after taste, idk how to describe things well I'm just a girl lol ;)
  18. Any other of you boys like this nug?

  19. Yes. GIMMEE !!! :hello:

    Haha :smoke:
  20. Yup boys it tastes sooooooooo good ;)

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