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GDP or Girl Scout Cookies?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GDP Master, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Well I was planning on buying 4 grams, My dealer has GDP and Girl Scout Cookies, but which one is the better grade? Which one gives you the best time?(;

  2. get 2 grams of each
    Nice thinking (;
    But just curious, what really gets you fucked up more? GDP or Girl Scouts?
  4. Girl Scout Cookies fuck you up in a very special way. I've smoked large amounts and there was zero anxiety, just pure bliss. It's a very well rounded strain and strong as hell.
  5. Girl scout cookie man had some last week shits killer
  6. If I'm not too late, GSC. Not even a contest.
  7. i just picked up 3 ozs of girlscout cookies. nice smell kind of coffee like sort off. Good taste and it gets you blazed if it is grown correctly & the nug structure is amazing  :smoke:  fat ass nugs. 
  8. Should I just get all GSC or Mix it like 2 grams of GDP and GSC?
  9. Personally i would get both.  Having variety is awesome but if I had to choose I would say GSC.
    i think GDP is way stonier than GSC..
    GSC looks and smells nice but pretty underwhelming and overhyped in the high department imo..
  11. Cookies hands down
  12. 2 grams of each, so you can decide what you like more
  13. The gsc ive had was stronger than GDP, but I found GDP to be a smoother smoke. Just my personal prefrence however.

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  14. Cookies

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