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  1. Hey guys, so I started my very first grow a couple weeks ago. Here is the link to my very first pictures

    I am now 2 weeks into vegging, I am waiting for my plants to clear up before switching them over, I believe they suffered a Mg deficiency. Links here

    So now, im wondering what to do with my plants. My GDP's are striving over the rest, next time around I will be doing just the GDP strain. Here are some pics of a couple GDP plants, I left out some that are more bushier than these also. MY BIGGEST QUESTION IS- I want dense, large colas, so I was planing on lollipopping them, did some clippings a week ago and a couple days back.
    what do you guys recommend I do with these guys? Just let me grow? or start hacking away those beautiful leaves.



  2. Sorry that there rotated. I use my phone for internet so its a bit more of a pain uploading
  3. anyone????????????
  4. Lookin' good man.

    It doesn't look like you need to chop any branches off or anything, because it looks like everything is getting plenty of light.

    If all the plants are filled in as well as those are, you want to start flowering pretty soon, or you'll run out of room... Plants usually stretch 2-3x their size during flowering.

    You might want to consider tying down aggressive plants, or installing a screen to even out the plants growth as they flower.

    Large, dense colas are less a matter of training, and more a matter of environment. If you want big, dense buds, you need:

    • Low temps
    • Lots of fresh air (or co2 supplementation)
    • Good air circulation
    • Low water temps
    • High oxygen concentration in the water
    • and, of course, proper nutes and pH

    I'd love to see some more pics of the whole setup, looks great!
  5. THANKS!! ya, it might be nxt crop till I get that kinda dense purple rock I want, this time around I'm just crossing my fingers. I'll need a little bit more coin since I'm missing a dedicated ac unit (I might try to re route some existing ducting into the room), a c02 controller ( I at least have a full tank lol), or a water chiller. All of which are bread.

    For now the room is around 73-75 at night, 80-85 during a real hot Cali day. Water temp is from 72-76 degrees mostly. I try to rotate frozen milk gallons as much as possible too. Humidity is around 40% mostly, and ph 5.5-6.0. Using botanicare organic grow/bloom and cal-mag plus sweet grape.

    I will try to take sum better pics of the room, I think with jus a few upgrades I will be pretty content with what I created first try!

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