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GDP. 4 grams $40

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by frankieD20c, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Recently got ahold of a new connect in my area through a friend.
    Selling GDP for 10 a gram.
    it's outdoor grown, and he's willing to let me smoke it before I buy.
    Should I be excited?
    Never tried granddaddy purp but this amnesia haze I just smoked the last has left me in extreme tunnel vision
  2. Sounds like you smokin good mayyne. Im blazed too. Hell yeah be excited, if that connect comes thru, youll be smoking dank so often! :smoke:
  3. righhht? so beast
  4. hookups in BC is $6 a gram. pheelsgoodman
  5. well regardless you're going to smoke it before you buy it. if you think it's worth the money then buy that shit, then you can be excited to smoke it, since you already got smoked up. yeahhhhhhhhhggggggghggffggg
  6. Nothin 2 lose woop
  7. those prices are great. I would be hyped. GDP is a super dank strain.
  8. Ended up getting a sativa through an old friend instead, i didn't sleep for a few hours to say the least
  9. I thought it was .4 grams for 40. Lol

  10. How well it was grown is a bigger influence on the potency than the strain. So you dont know untill you try it

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