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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Dr Grass, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. G'day from the land down-under, it's nearly that time of the year, to pull the plants. We have had a lovely 10 days of hot, hot weather, I checked the babies yesterday and they are about 4-5 weeks away, took a couple os squats to try. I have trie a "skunk-kush" cross this year, a purple stem, clumped buds and what an aroma, to die for.

    I hope you all in the northern hemisphere are doing alright in the snow, peace to you all and I hope all our men & women over-seas come home in top condition.

  2. Welcome to the city. We hope you enjoy the city!
  3. Welcome to the city!!!
  4. Welcome, lets smoke some buuuuud..:smoking: :D :smoke:
  5. Welcome to the city!!!, happy and good growing....thanks...peaces.....MrSbb

  6. good tune :p

    Hellow, welcome!
  7. hello sweetness... welcome to the city. im new here as well. so how is it in astrailia? i always wanted togo there. must be pretty good growing conditions down there. aint much snow where im at but its kool weathered. later
  8. gotta luv australia :D

    welcome to the good ol city of blades
  9. G'day all, down here in Tasmania, it's been realy good for the art of cultivation. Elnino has been good to us 22C is normally a heat wave, we have had up to 28C. Usually we pull about easter, there is some new shit on the block now, it's a bit green but ok as there is a bit of a drought of good stuff of late. I my self will wait even if theres money to be made. I am primaly interested in the medical use of marijuana, but joy to the world. Catch u later aligater.

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