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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by wmg61, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. Found this site a few days ago and thought i would ask a question with out checking out the happenings here. So I will start again with first Introducing myself. I`m Wendy been smokin` over 20 years and am finally about to have a go at becoming self sufficient. Hope to pick up some useful tips through your site.....
  2. Welcome Wendy.. Just come on in and look around.. Ask questions and receive help from all our grow memebers..

    Enjoy your stay!
  3. welcome to the site, there's some help in the growing front from the guide under my post.........Peace out........Sid
  4. Welcome to the City! We've got a few Aussies on the board, you'll fit right in! :wave:

  5. your welcome.........i just love out.............Sid
  6. self sufficient is the only way to go.:D.Welcome.
  7. Wow, thanks to you all for the replies!! Sid, have checked out your site and what a help this will be. I am so excited cant wait to get started now. Living where I am most gear is grown out doors. We are having a really hot summer this year so the harvests should be abundant this year. Here`s hopin` I can achieve my own indoor harvest. Thanks soooo much again to everyone...Wendy*****
  8. Hi Wendy, welcome to the city :)

    Enjoy your harvest, i can't grow yet but someday i will.

    Some people i know have a harvest coming in the summer though :D

    Smoking for 20 years, has this been flat out use or occasional use, i'm interested in this because you always hear the government trying to fill people with shit saying that if you smoke lots of pot you'll become a mental head case and can't do anything for yourself.
  9. Not overly proud to say my smokin` habit has been fairly consistant since my early 20`s and I am 42 now. But I have always had work(am an Enrolled Nurse) and kept in touch with the staight world. Haven`t lost the plot yet. Some people use alcohol for their stress release , I have always prefered a smoke. Wendy*****
  10. Be proud!!! :)

    Welcome to the City! We have the grow gods here so you'll be self-sufficient in no time. Our grow mods kick ass and we have a lot of knowledgeable members who will guide you through the growing process!

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