GC's Herbal joints

Discussion in 'General' started by twaockrider, May 20, 2006.

  1. Has anyone ever purchased and smoked any of the herbal joints that GC has to offer. I've been thinking about giving the "trance" variety I go..the trace amounts of salvia is what got me interested. Does anyone know if they do in fact get you high, if only for a little while, and if so what kind, and how long of a buzz do you get?
  2. yeah I have wonderd the same thing myself. Hopefully someone can provide some usefull information.
  3. I have smoked some herbal joints - didn`t feel a thing
  4. i have only tried salvia. if you pick up any of that, smoke it in a bowl, and not a joint
  5. Tryed them and didnt get anything off it.

  6. haha, imagine having a joint of salvia.

    after one toke the joint would be on the ground. haha
  7. yeah well a joint would be a BITCH because you'd have to keep the lighter on it 24/7 while taking the hit.

    ^ and i guess it'd be good for a circle
  8. a j wouldnt work not only would you have to keep the flame on the cherry you would also be watching the j burn so quickly it would be funny

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