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GC's Finest Minds Please lend a hand!!!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 1hujikol, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. Ok so here is the scenario. I need some strain ideas for high yealding quick flowering. I plan to go straight into flowering. I am doing this to suppliment a grow that I already have going. I didnt buy feminised seeds so over hald were male. My idea is this I just switched into flowering on 20 plants and have anywhere from 50-70 days left. If I add 20 or so more plants and go straight into 12/12 they should mature around the same time. Make any sense?
  2. Sort of, except that shipping takes a week, to sprout takes 1-4 days, growing first set of leaves, another week... they won't start flowering for at least two weeks out of the ground, since *most* need to develop a hormone that tells them they are mature enough to flower.
  3. I plan on driving to get the seeds NOW!!!! I don't mind if the new batch goes 1-3 weeks beyond the others just hate to waste the space and time which I only have for the next 2- 21/2 months.
  4. I'd suggest lowryders then? I think they take 2 months, and you'd prolly get the highest yield off a plant that was supposed to finish that soon. Something autoflowering?

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