GC what should I spend it on?

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  1. Well I'm back in college, I'm on academic probation for last semester but it's better than not going at all. It means I get to stay at my old house and chill and it also means I'm getting a large sum of money from the college.

    They're gonna give me 8,000$ and my classes only cost 800$ combined. Figure I need to buy books but I'm only taking three classes(one of them online) so I would think it's only gonna be another 400$

    So... I'm gonna have 6,500$ or so to spend on personal expenses... what do you guys think I should get/do with it?

    I don't need a car as my friend is giving me one
    My housing situation is set

    Currently the only things I can think is a better car, or buying stuff like a 360 or w/e. So umm post your suggestions on wtf I should buy/do with my money...
  2. Save it, just inace you need to pay off stuff if youre ever low on cash you could just use that. I mean, you could spend a little bit but dont blow it all, save it when your in a time when you need cash or something.
  3. take a thousand of it and have a real good time, and take the rest and put it away for later needs.

    with the thousand, if your friend is giving you a car, you should smoke him out BIG TIME, then do whatever with the rest.:cool::cool:
  4. I kinda already earned the car, I motivated his lazy ass to apply to college. Then did his schedule, his financial aid info, and a bunch of other shit for him. He is using some of his money(he should be getting about the same amount) to get a different car, so he's passing me the love and giving me his old one. Still though, we're gonna chief BIG TIME, we kinda do that every chance we get lol.

    I guess I should put away a fair deal of it, I'm probably gonna blow like 2500$ of it and save 4000$ but fuck if I know lol. I was thinking maybe a trip to Amsterdam.....
  5. Throw a down payment on a duplex, rent one half to pay for the mortgage and you basically live for free. When thats paid off thats like an extra 500-1000 a month, depending on how nice the place is. Thats my plan anyways, when I get a good hunk of cash saved. :wave:
  6. man save half and buy seeds with the other half and grow a lot of weed and kep the weed for personal use so now you have a lot of weed that would last you long and money in the bank to spend on more weed
  7. Turn it back in so you wont owe the money. This isnt a lottery ticket its financial aide right?
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    Get 3,000 hits of acid. Eat that shit like candy.
  9. a lifetime supply of tampons

  10. :confused:why are you asking a bunch of stoners for financial advice? go to vegas or invest that shit I don't care. I just wish I had some extra money so I could save for retirement.

  11. Give....or loan?
  12. Or two ugly hookers
  13. Plane ticket to san diego:hello:
  14. buy a 7 day crystal carriage ride down to debtors hell
  15. Ok lemme clarify this for you guys, they are GIVING me the money.

    It's Pell Grant money, and there are a couple other scholarships sending me cash as well.

    Bailz.... I think I just might lol

    Any other ideas ya'll?

    By the way I get the $$$ Sept. 4th
  16. pound of the finest

  17. i would invest a little of it and then get some shit ya need/want
  18. I believe you should "make it rain on them hoes"

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