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  1. So frankly on epsn every single day I see sports analysts totally hate on Tim Tebow hard fucking core..I mean to some extent I understand alot of the critisim but wtf after a while its just starting to get old :devious:..The guy is now 6-1 as a starter this year and literally gets hated on after every single game on how he isn't the "typical NFL quarterback".

    I used to be kinda neutral on the whole situation and not really care about his success or failure..Now days though I'm almost actually rooting for him to pull off a great season..The guy always shows nothing but class on and off the field..

    I do agree that the kneeling all the time is a little corny sometimes..but I'm not gonna knock other people on their religious beliefs or rituals because I find that..well..pointless

    Whats your opinion on Tim Tebow?

    ***This is the trialer for the documentary about him...Its called "Everything In Between"...The docmentary was honestly great..Tim Tebow is on fucking motivated dude.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzqw4xYcm-A"]Tim Tebow: Everything In Between - YouTube[/ame]

    The guy literally trains almost all fucking day long

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mSCbeONPFg"]Tim Tebow Puts His Body To The Test - A Look At The Broncos QB's Intense Training - YouTube[/ame]
  2. He wins blah blah blah. but their oline is playing out of their mind right now. donks lead nfl in rushing. tebow is a leader and its obvious that he knows how to get the locker room rallying behind him but hes all in all a 47%comp pct, wounded duck throwing qb. run while you can son cuz it aint gonna last long (ala micheal vick). vick dont run no more cuz he gets his ribs killed. One last note, it is really hard to root against him cuz of how good a guy he is AND im a diehard chargers fan! Chargers still gonna pull out a victory when the donks fail to the bears and pats and if bolts can beat the ravens on the 18th, s'a wrap! bolt afc champs, tough task rtho
  3. He's a good quarterback, but I don't have much respect for him because of his attributing everything to the power of christ and not his intense training/good genetics.
  4. Yea Yea I mean I hear you but he is working with the same O line and Defense that Kyle Orton had to work with there..All in all I feel like the broncos have put together and awsome team effort though and all phases of the game have been clicking for them (atleast at times / 4th quarter)..however I do feel like Tim Tebow is gonna prove alot of people wrong about his ability to succeed in the NFL..

    And honestly that michael vick comparison is kinda irrelevant..They are two completely different players (and yes I relize they both use their legs)..besides vick is pretty small anyways compared to almost anyone in the NFL..

    I hear you on this one..I mean he believes what he believes and that his thing really (in my personal opinion)..Your completely right about the great genetics though..Alot of the times at the end of they day some people just have the physical size, strength, and speed that others don't..

    Its pretty obvious that is you work as hard as that guy does toward something you want you can be successful..

    I like how he put it in an interview..Tebow said "if you love your wife do you just tell her once when your married or do you tell her it everyday the rest of your life" ..I mean if the dude wants to thank god for every single thing he has then thats cool with me..
  5. Tim Tebow touches little boys penises... seriously, he's performed circumcisions in Asia.

    I don't want anything to do with his penis-chopping family. ;)


    Based on the stats, Tebow is just as bad as everyone thought he would be... based on the record, it's pretty hard to hate.

    The media maybe hating on him a bit... but they talk about him all day everyday. They are riding his nuts just as much as a Gator and Bronco fan would.


    Christian Ponder is a better QB... you guys will figure that out one day.

    Go Noles!
  6. :rolleyes: Tebow now 7-1...but one day I guess I'll relize
  7. We will see what he's really made of when he plays a team in the playoffs. If the defense is any worse, he's 4-4 at best over his last 8...
  8. I think its pretty evident already what the dude is made of...just my opinion though
  9. You should watch first take on espn if you don't like the tebow hate, skip bayless LOVES Tim tebow. It's the biggest man crush I have seen.
  10. Tebow's wins:

    Oakland (7-6) Without Jason Campbell
    Kansas City (5-8) without Matt Cassel, AND they just fired their coach
    NY Jets (8-5) Probably the best win on the resume...
    San Diego (6-7)
    Minnesota (2-11)
    Chicago (7-6) without Jay Cutler

    3/6 wins were against a team without their starting QB. 2/6 wins were against losing teams. 2/6 against teams with records 1 game above .500.

    IF he somehow pulls one out against the Patriots, I may start becoming a believer, but until he beats good teams (New England, Pittsburg, Baltimore, Houston, New Orleans, etc.) I can't believe this will continue...
  11. ^ That

    Plus if you think the game against the Bears was anything but luck your delusional. Well luck and a couple nice field goal kicks.
    sure he did a little better in the last minutes, but thats because the Bears Defense backed off, allowing him to dump it off and crawl up the field.
    Not to mention the game would of been over if whats his name on the Bears didn't make those 2 bonehead plays. Yea it was a nice strip but he wasn't securing the ball.

  12. Those who have to continue to make up excuses why denver wins every week...I find those people to be a little more "delusional" than myself..bunch of football experts around here haha :rolleyes:

    next week will it be because the opposeing teams QB's tummy hurts :rolleyes:
  13. It wouldn't suprise me if the Broncos beat the Patriots as Pats a not known for their defensive talents. The Bears were the best defense Tebow had to face so far and well, we know how that turned out.If they get to the playoffs he'll have to face Pittsburg and/ Baltimore these teams allow little room for error(remember Michael Vick's first game against Baltimore). As a leader, obviously he's gifted, given the same tools as Kyle Orton he has managed to turn around the Broncos playoff hopes. As far as his skill, I'll let his stats address that but the media, as always, creates this Tebow frenzy. He knows how to deal with this to his advantage, he seems like a SINCERE guy and you can't beat that. I say let the guy play a few seasons then we can assess his career, until then we all watch way too much ESPN.
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    How is that an excuse? Its an Explanation! I listed facts. Bears lost it for themselves, well Marion Barber did. All Tebow did was get like 20-30 yards and give his field goal kicker two hard kicks.

    All you have to do is watch the circumstances to see it was luck. I'm just talking about the Bears game, I don't think I've seen the other ones.
  15. Sometimes the ball doesn't bounce your way..Thats part of the game..I watched all the highlights from the bears game ( and yes they did get some luck) ..but there are moments in every game that teams get "lucky"..

    What I don't think is luck is how Tim tebow has helped bring his team back four weeks in a row in the forth quarter..A stat people hardly like to recognize..To some extent the guy is pretty clutch I mean weather people want to admit that or not

    I just think he is critized for way to much non sense when at the end of the day he helps him team get shit done
  16. Tebow is winning...now. NFL coaches will soon find a way to stop his college offensive style. Plus, a TON of credit should go to their D for keeping the games close and to their O-line for improving the running game....I'm not convinced Kyle Orton couldn't have the same record over the last 8 games if he was still there.
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    Matt Prater is the fucking man and deserves more credit and publicity than he is getting.

    I absolutely hate the Bronco's offense right now, it is so painful to watch. The Bears defense really showed everyone how bad the Bronco's are, if they can't run they can't do shit.

    However, as a Bronco's fan, I am happy with the way the season has turned around and it's great that they are now televised every week..haha!

    Tebow seems like a good dude and I wish him all the luck as a starting quarterback. If he doesn't improve his throwing game he will eventually fall to the wayside though. He shows some potential every once in a while (4th quarter).
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    All you have to do is look closely to see why he wins.
    Notice how his completion rate suddenly went up right as the Bears decided to change the Defense that was working all game? Just watch the transition the safetys make, they were sitting back deep to play safe allowing Tebow to dump it off over and over. That guy doesn't run out of bounds and the game is over..ending the Tebow streak. But the guy makes 2 critical mistakes that had nothing to do with Tebow, then Tebow barely scrapes together 30 yards leaving his FG kicker in a difficult situation...twice.
    He hasn't played a healthy team or an elite team yet.

    I'm not saying he doesn't step it up in the fourth or deserve any credit. But people are acting like its all him and he's making some spectacular plays or something.
    Tebow is gonna learn what a QB is this week. The Patriots will win because they score just as much as they need to.
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    Ok fine, you wanna talk about lucky breaks and what ifs how about:

    What if Chris Harris didn't drop that interception that looked to be a sure pick-6?
    What if Tebow didn't fumble the ball with 6 minutes to go in the game?
    What if Prater's chip shot FG wasn't blocked?
    What if Demariyus Thomas didn't drop that 50 yard TD pass from Tebow?
    What if the defense didn't miss 3 tackles en route to a 3rd quarter Marion Barber TD?

    Yeah but these what ifs, don't count right? because the Broncos got so lucky in the end, right? :rolleyes:

    And I'm not even a Broncos fan lol, but all these what ifs could have easily have turned the Broncos team into the ones with the lead in the waning minutes of the 4th quarter.

    I don't particularly hate or like Tebow, as long as he doesn't win against my team then its all good keep doing what you're doing man its obviously working.
  20. I don't necessarily disagree.

    But the circumstances that let them win almost never happen. Any other gam Which is why I call it luck.

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