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  1. Anyone ready to play GC Truth or Dare? Here's the rules. I'll start by choosing truth or dare. If I choose truth you can ask me anything, if I choose dare, you can dare me anything. But if you ask or dare me something, then you have to leave whether you want a truth or a dare and the next poster to come along gets to ask or dare you something.

    (Honestly I'm not sure how well this will work to play online, but we can make the rules up as we go, right?)

    Alright, I chose truth. You can ask me anything. Make it good.
  2. Why,didnt u choose dare.


  3. Have you ever had homosexual thoughts
  4. Because I worried people would ask for naked pics and the thread would get closed, plus my husband would get pretty pissed.

    I dare you to draw a penis somewhere on your own body and post a pic.
  5. I've slept with two women and kissed a couple more, so yes, yes I have.
  6. Nobody is leaving something for someone to ask or dare... guess I'll get it goin again.

    Dare (realistic)
  7. ^^^Post in the noob section asking what your yield will be without giving any info, lmao.
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  9. hmm, fuck it i'll play.

  10. Damn, it's not easy to think of online dares! Find a pic of some really shitty bud and post it in the stash jar section like you're proud of the pic up.

    Man I'm going to get in trouble for all these ideas. Truth is easier.
  11. Haha I'll play truth I guess
  12. These dares are cracking my shit up.

    Give me a dare.
  13. Would you rather bang an ugly fat chick or a sexy transvestite?
  14. I'm thinking. People need to help me think of dares. Oh make up a really stupid poem to post in the poems section. Get creative...:hello:
  15. This was a great time but I have to get to bed. Night all.

  16. Ugly fat chick hands down
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  18. This threads crackin me up. I choose dare.
  19. [​IMG]

    Oh hell yeah, I want in on this. I choose dare. I'll try to contribute with some dares/truths when I think of some.

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