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GC Trip to Carribeans/Amsterdam

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CanaBliZZ, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. So who is ready to take a trip down to the Carribaens then fly over to Amsterdam?

    I am:hello: Who else is down
  2. I'll be in the Bahamas in the end of July. Hopefully I find some good bud down there. I'll definitely be bringing home some pieces. Wish I could go to Amsterdam too.
  3. switzerland has sum nice coffee shops too... sum dank bud
  4. dropped my parents and sister at the airport this morning...they went to the bahamas, and i've got the house allllll to myself....but i'm DEFINATELY down for that trip...too bad it's not very possible
  5. When does the plane depart?
  6. enfiladeDTS, be careful in the bahamas, probably half of the weed i was offered there was by undercover cops. its real easy to tell, if they look like they have showered in the past three days and just come up to you on the streets, their usually cops, and theyll take you right to jail if you even just ask some questions about it. best place to find a good legit dealer is the markets where tehy sell the wooden and glass peices, ask someone sellin pipes, they usually now where to go. i saw prolly three or four people get arrested for trying to buy off undercover cops. but defeneitly roll a blunt with some cubans, youll be flying high. Haha just my info to share with you for the bahamas. and if your in nasau, go to the market right near senor frogs, its a huge white tent, their deals on peices are unbelievable there, a 2 foot bong was 45 bux at one table

  7. i'm going to nassau at the end of june, thanks for the advice!

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