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  1. its a suggestion so it belongs here.....you know those time capsule things at school?....can we have a time capsule thread here to be opened god knows when?...everyone that wanted to contribute a post would send their post in till a deadline and the thread would be sealed until agreed date?
  2. Meh, we can just bump threads from 10+ years ago. Same difference.
  3. what?...constructive input please...
  4. The root form of the word Nostalgia is literally pain and suffering and homecoming. IE a painful memory of home. Why would we need that?
  5. the thread/suggestion apparently moved to another dimension but i think its a good idea, a fun idea for some too...i mean, yeah, who wants to remember their less-than-winning highschool days but this gc time capsule thing doesnt compare....

    aaaanyway, another idea came....and went....:smoke:
  6. I used to love bumping new years eve threads.. or christmas plans thread. It can be endless.
  7. how many, like percentage wise, suggestions in here actually make it into reality i wonder?.....
  8. We will evaluate the possibility but i doubt it will be implemented. Reason for the doubt is related to moderation :D What will happen if 50% of the posts in time capsule breaks Grasscity rules :D
  9. cool....:smoke:...ill be honest, if anyone is dumb enuf to type out a message for himself/herself like 25 years later, and that message gets into name-calling....thatd be like...stupid right?...:smoke:
  10. He may have been thinking of all the "other drugs" threads. ;) :smoke:
  11. porn too maybe....:smoke:....sucks yhow ou gotta be mindful of the crooked ones to be able to do something ....:mad:
  12. I wanna be in this thread for all to see in the future when I'm banned for being awesome.

    Rock and roll :metal:
  13. no, for being too awesome....:smoke:
  14. Touche good sir
  15. All the conspiracy threads should be merged, then in 2013 reviewed.
  16. I got sidetracked, :eek: I forgot that you intended for it to be a present day time capsule.

    Put stuff in for a certain period; Then the thread is hidden (sorta super Nirvana) and no one can see it until the opening date.

    If the date was 10 years from now;
    gnik drazil could setup a forward to thread submission system. (No one else would ever know what you put in).
    Close the thread after a month.
    Delete the thread and we will all forget about it by the time 10 years pass. :p:laughing::laughing::smoke:
  17. sounds like a plan....just 10 years tho? :smoke:

  18. I'm afraid that 10 years from now I'll probably be forgetting everything...:laughing:

    IDK since...few enough members are around here from 10 years ago...I see a thread stuffed full of things by a bunch of "18" year olds who then grow up and forget GC ever existed...probably 90% of the people who put something in that thread wouldn't be around to see it in 10 years...:confused_2:

    Just my thoughts...
  19. i see what youre saying IF...idk, i wonder if thered be like...50 members that wanted to do this...

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