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Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. i wanna put my 2 cents in the drauma going around the city. i have the same grievances that many other senior gc members have about all the newbies/underage people posted pointless ridiculous shit on the boards.

    i think that we can attribute the recent surge in membership to the closing of the overgrow site.

    lately, gc just doesn't seem to be as good as it used to be to me because of all the pointless bullshit that's being posted as well as all the flaming going on the boards.

    indy and rmjl,
    i applaud your initiative to clean up the boards and get the douchebags out of here.

    senior gc members,
    please do not leave because certain members are hurting the boards. right now we need you more than ever because otherwise they will simply take over the boards.

    it is time to take back grasscity and lets turn it back into the great place that it deserves to be.
  2. I ain't going anywhere baby.

  3. I consider myself a more senior member, having been here for over 2 years, and all this surge has done is made me stop in less often because more often than not nothing is new.

    I agree with you about this, and I hope to god this stops all these stupid "GOodbye Grasscity" threads. Other than Wykids, he was original plus I love that kid (hes 18 i just call everyone a kid).
  4. I know i dont contribute much around here... but im here too buddy! The bullshit will fade. Just gotta get the good NEW people to stay.

    Some shit like that. smoke some weed.
  5. I made a "Goodbye Grasscity" thread, then decided to stay, much like AimedForDeath. I don't, however, consider it stupid. Please don't be so quick to judge. I wanted people to know I was leaving for a reason, not just slinking away.
  6. I wish I was here before all this bullshit. This is one of the better forums that I visit, even with all the pointless threads and such, it would be nice to see what it was like before the drama.

  7. Trust me I understand where you are coming from, this place is getting redicululous, but once one person made it, I personally did not think it was necesary for everyone then to make a seperate thread. That is my opinion.
  8. Weedzilla: I agree with you that there are some issues needing some attention (and it appears that the mods are on top of it), but in comparison to the way most other forums are run, GC is pure bliss to be on.

    It is good to see some cracking down on immaturity as of late. The tension thats been around the City lately has been pretty rough and resulted in a lot of people questioning things. I just hope that we dont overreact to all this.

    I'm glad to see that many of the people who wanted to leave reconsidered. The last thing the city needs in this time of noobish influx is to lose members who actually contribute. Everyone has been drilling the "report bad post" link in our heads and thats an absolute necessity, but we need to keep contributing to the city in any way possible as well. Its easy to focus on the bad things, but if we dont strive to contribute positives to combat the situation, we're going to lose the city.

  9. I'm sorry to be an asshole about this, but more threads aren't going to help it. I already made the "On a serious note..." thread, and you and every other member isn't going to help Indy and Rummy's job. If you really want to help just report posts, this could have easily been posted in my thread. Once again, I'm sorry for being a dick, but making more threads is just hurting the cause, we all already know about what's going on, no need to add to the fire.

  10. hey gc peeps, dunno if any of you remember me....but I haven't been smoking lately because i'm cleaning out my system for a new job. (probably why I haven't been on GC too, heh...) But it looks like I got the job and i'm back to smoking again, yes i'm high. :bongin:

    back on topic: I've been popping in every so often checking out the threads and what not but I haven't been posting, and to weedzilla I do notice a lot of pointless threads and posts though...and it's annoying. But you really can not expect that sort of stuff, afterall you're on an internet forum. People will learn from their mistakes (hopefully), and become regular members that abide by the rules and just have a good time. In time it shouldn't bother you as much.
  11. It's not really any of my business so i'm staying away from it.

  12. "pointless ridiculous shit on the boards"

    what do you consider pointless?
  13. Yeah, it's got worse since I joined in January, still mostly good though.
  14. ok ok we now thers been some pretty bad and crazzy stuff going around the city...but for christ sake we dont need a different type of post on it everyday...

  15. You dont need to contribute shit, you made the best stoner video on waytoomany! :hello:
  16. again

    horray for new people that don't waste time?? (i gotta go for something, can't really lay claim to sr. status)


    in actualllity, i've been able to stay away from dumb threads.....really only got tricked into 2 or so in the last few months.... anyway, read the thread title, if you have a good radar for BS you'll know it's not even worth scrolling over to read

  17. it's ok, i forgive you for being an asshole and a dick

  18. I'm glad to hear that! :) I always thought the City was pure bliss (until I became an Admin, LOL!!! :p) so I'm glad someone else thinks that too! :)

    Weedzilla, thanks for making this thread and letting us know how you feel! While your thoughts could have been added to another thread, you didn't fuck anything up by making this one! :)

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