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GC Suicide....Ask an Ex-Cop.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by budlover13, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. Well, it's not truly suicide because a few members have accepted me for what I am. An ex-cop in Central Cali that is now(off and on in HS and for the last 10 years) a smoker. Also a grower(VERY small, just a couple patients). I don't know everything and I quit in 1998 so not all law will be up-to-date(disclaimer).

    All I can offer is a bridge between two communities that already intermingle. I know basic training, principles, ethics, etc and am more than willing to be the conduit that helps bridge the gap.

    LEAP.cc is an excellent start for anyone wanting to try to understand those that are LEO, those that aren't, and those that still ride the fence.

    If you are, were, thought of being, or know someone who is LEO I'm sure you have a basic grasp of what I'm trying to do. If you hate bacon, well it is your choice.

    I could go on and on about different experiences and theories, as well as ideas, that I have. But I hope this initial post will open the door to a relationship that will, in the end, be beneficial to all.
  2. If it's for real then good luck to you, sir.
  3. whats the SOP when interacting with someone who is carrying a weapon legally?
  4. It is for real and thank you. Hopin' I don't get banned. PLEASE check out my previous posts.
  5. During your days as police officer, have you ever arrested anyone for weed?
  6. Officer safety. First and always. A legal weapon can be damn near anything from a rock to a stick to a knife or gun. I assume you are referring to the last two.

    When on patrol, if confronted with a person that openly states they have a weapon I would tense and ask them to surrender it or at very least where it was at. Surrendering allows them the opportunity to grasp their weapon and is therefore frowned upon. Best bet is to require visible hands and ask where it is. If you are handcuffed, it is because I had a "hinky feeling" in my gut. You are not under arrest, but merely being secured or detained in the name of officer safety and for your safety as well. If someone, upon my approach, stated they had a weapon I generally was fairly relaxed. It's the person that DOESN'T tell me that I worried about.

    The weapon was never a big problem, it was their actions with said weapon that caused a problem.
  7. For weed, in and of itself, no. If a gangbanger with an attitude happened to cross my path, the charges piled up.

    Adults in posession: if that is ALL it was(usually I was contacting them for some other reason) they could walk.

    Minors: Weed is confiscated. Sometimes a ride home was given as well.
  8. This is a bit more personal but...

    Did your quitting the force have anything to do with your relationship with the herb?
  9. You were a good cop. :D
  10. when police confiscate things, can you give us the inside word as to if officers take anything for themselves
    like if 3000 fat stacks of money are found could you easily take a few ?
    or does everyone get a bonus or something

    youve probably seen some crazy ass things. do you want to share any crazy stories?


  11. Good man. :cool:
  12. #12 DemiseInDisguise, Dec 28, 2010
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    so if you're not under 18 and you're busting me for something other than minor possession you're an asshole like all the rest of the other cops?

    just kiddin man :) don't take that the wrong way. i know that you are only doing your job - enforcing the laws. you can't make em.

    believe it or not i just stumbled upon LEAP.cc yesterday and on the main website i actually listened to the black guy talk. didn't explore the site any further but i did bookmark it. i'll check it out now.



    "no matter what small success you have interdicting or prohibiting the introduction across the border has no affect because they just move where they grow the substance to"

    damn. that's so true.
  13. Not really in the direct way you would think.
  14. Ummmm, on this I will plead the 5th and ask you, "What do YOU think is possible in such a situation?"
  15. Some crazy stories can still be shared though!
  16. the relationship between the people and the cops would be less tense if they just ended this dumb war on drugs and stopped being so fuckin nosey/controlling... did cops you work with understand this? and also we all talk nice to you to your face, but the majority of people talk mad shit on cops.. like your cool in my book on here, because obv you are a reasonable ex cop and understood the bs of it and understand their is misunderstandings between people and them. like cool cops i want to like. like i want to like cops for stopping murders, rapes, and robberies (cause they are good for that).. but at the same time i fuckin hate them so much, and i wish trouble on the strict/mean cop/pig (really do man im sorry, just my experience with them, those fuckers deserve it.. for example a cop arrests a non violent coke dealer.. in my book the cop is the bad person and the coke dealer is just providing a product because their is a demand). sorry dude. i just think cops ruin more lives then they help with the current situation..they arrest to many good people and are to nosey., i have seen great people have their lives completely fucked by asshole cops. i have personallly just been pestered by piggies way to much... Honestly i think cops and avg people relationships will be reallyyy bumpy untill the amount of laws decrease, the amount of police rollin the streets drops, and the dumb laws dissapear.. when i hear about a cop die and gangbanger die, i look at the situation the same.. they both kinda had it coming.. if you look at the big picture a guy supporting a gang is NO different then someone supporting the usa (the usa is a big gang and has killed wayyyyyyyyy more innocent good people then street gangs).. really its a deep deeep complex thing.. but you gotta understand just because you are supporting the USA doesnt mean you are doing the right thing in some situations ya know what i mean.. but glad to see there are some out their who have some common sense... its really mixed feelings here and hard to explain...

    Like your in cali so it may be different.. but do you realize how scary cops are? like as humans we are animals and are instincts are suppose to take over when we encounter danger.. nothing gets my instincts pumping more then a cop. we run and fight because they are trying to endanger our lives we just wanna go home and sleep in our beds.. its scary when someone that is no more of a good person then me, has the right to do all this shit to me and is backed up by such a powerful figure that there is nothing i can do.

    i hope you dont misunderstand me, cause i dont want to hate cops.. but i kinda have to due to the current laws.. these overcontrolling laws turn good people into criminals.. and then by doing that it makes these good people willing to do anything to keep cops from fucking their lives up.. i mean like you said, you will cuff someone when your scared.. well we wanna beat the fuck outta ya or run cause ya know.... were scared

    nah, sounds like you were a great cop and i respect that

    are cops really racist with eachother when talking casually with eachother? For example "lol, that stupid n**er tried to run away" or "I hate those damn mexicans they always try to lie their way out"

    please answer this with %100 truth

  18. What kind of question is that? :confused:
  19. subbing with a few questions

    just being respectful (ass kissy) to the cop pulling you over really better your chances of getting out of whatever he pulled you over for? i mean there is compliant and respectful and then there is ass kissing. i'm referring to the ass kissing

    and whats the deal with some female cops? do they just get a bunch of shit from everyone at the station so they feel the need to exert their "power" on civilians?
  20. I totally understand where you're coming from. I knew when I was 6 that I wanted to be a cop. I chased stray dogs off the playground in exchange for a pepsi.:D I pursued it throughout school, while experimenting with more than one substance, and was sworn in on my 21st b-day. WAY too young. In Cali you can be 18, but most cities insurance requires 21.

    I felt like a hipocrite several times for popping someone for something I had also done. The absolute WORST thing I EVER did in uniform(was it?) was stopping a driver who was illegal, unlicensed, and drunk. He rolled a stop sign and ran when I hit the lights. He quickly turned down a dirt road, and tearfully apologized and surrendered @ gunpoint. I ran wants & warrants and he was clear. No documentation. Intoxicated.

    BUT he had ALL his belongings in the car. EVERYTHING he owned. My first instinct was to arrest him and send him back to Mexico. I was pissed that he had broken the law, endangered his, my, and innocent lives, and initially lied about his name. So I decided to "take mercy on him" and let him go. Walking. He was about 2 miles from his brothers house. I felt sorry for him so I sent him to his brothers, towed his vehicle, and went on about my shift.

    5:30am- Call of a possible suicide in the outskirts of town. I arrived second on scene and walked into the backyard where there hung the man from the night before. His brother said he had thought we were seizing his property, everything he had. He had no job, was an alcoholic, and very well could have done it whether I had contacted him or not. But I still think it was me that made him step off the ladder.:(

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