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GC Sucessful Tokers. Question?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sotally tober, May 25, 2010.

  1. Grass City,
    I call to you!

    My fellow GC'ers, I am longtime member of the community, I enjoy being able to post questions and have them honestly answered by the masses of tokers.

    As of right now I am a Junior in college. I toke up close to everyday. Sometimes I try to save my first high of the day for the evening. For me, the first high of the day is the best and there is nothing else like it. Therefore I attempt to save it, and thus I can prevent coming down all day long.

    Starting in a few days I will begin my internship with a major corporation. If it goes well, I will be absorbed into a two-year-graduate program. An opportunity to have a job set for me after college, totally stoked.

    I never really thought about stopping to smoke pot. It has not hindered me in anyway thus far in my life. I have gone through consoling and openly spoke of my pot use. I really do not use any other drugs aside from pot and alcohol.

    How many of you are relatively successful and have maintained your career? I realize that some professions may be more suitable to smoke than others. Im not saying tell me about your lame ass job @ Arbys where you can smoke and work the drive through.
    I am on the brink of my professional career and I would like to know from the Grass City Community:
    Have you been able to continue smoking? (Maybe smoke less / whatevr)
    What impacts (neg or pos) has marijuana had on your professional life?
    Any advise?
  2. you might be able to snag a sweet job like mine,

    we design labeling machines for drug companys, (we label advil and prescipt bottles and shit like that)

    all of my bosses smoke. and they get payed like 90-120k a year.
  3. i am 21 and have been smoking every dayish for a couple years...and i have been working at the same insurance agency for the last 5 years...started as a low level intern, am now a marketing assistant, and when i graduate in spring 2011, i should be getting promoted to marketing manager...and i have no intentions on stopping doesnt affect me while on the job and i only smoke once i am done the shit i need to do for the day...i think any career is available while still smoking, you just have to be responsible about it...
    hope that helps :wave:
  4. it has had a positive impact on my career. i work at a medical shop.:smoke:

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