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Gc Shipping

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by okiuisdgf, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. I ordered a inline perc bong from here on June 1st and only got an email saying they took my money. Never got an email saying it shipped or anything, all I have is a order #... I am using the basic international shipping to the US so does this method contact you when they ship your package? I contacted support via email 3 times and no reply.  :mad:

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    I think the company is based in the Netherlands and basic International shipping isn't quick. If you're concerned email them.
    EDIT: Nevermind you already emailed them.
  3. yeah and I'm aware, but I would atleast like some sort of heads up that they shipped my package... and them not answering me is making me think they don't give a rats ass and i'm not gonna get what I paid for.
  4. anybody have any experience with GC shipping??
  5. the communication is kinda crappy with basic but it'll get to you. took my bong 3 weeks to get to me, I was told it could take 2-8 weeks :/
    Get ready to wait.
    My bong was worth it at least.
  6. They're on differnt time zones then it might take a minute for them to get to your ticket. Be patient, you'll get your stuff. I order off here alot and never had problems. And if I had a question...Id submit a ticket and sometimes it took 2-3days for them to review it. They really try n make sure everyones happy and they will fix anything they mess up.
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    It could stay in "processing", "pre-shipping" for over a week or even longer depending if the product is on back order or somthin.....Longest it ever took me to get my stuff was exactly 20 days, and they said 7-21 business days.
    That time they actually sent me a 10 arm tree perc instead of the advertised 8. I was happy as hell.....things baller. Best piece I ever owned....hands down. It was the GlassCity/Snob Collab. tree perc
  8. I've never ordered off of GC and probably never will because of their super sucky customer service.
    Next time you should order from a headshop based in the United States, most places usually have the exact same piece you're looking for, and it could even be cheaper, and you wouldn't have to wait so long to use it.
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     If it makes you feel any better, I got my last package from GC just last month (east coast US, a WS Jackson # 1 and a concentrate dome and nail kit), and it arrived in as little as 3 weeks. :) Not bad for overseas shipping!
     Here I am taking some solar hits with my fish, by the stream, last week or so:
     And some Bee Line hits:
      My first order with the GC shop was actually well over ten years ago, now. :yay:
    GC is an old and long-standing online company, with a good rep and history.... they also co-exist with one of the largest canna related forums.
     Doesn't it seem a little silly to assume that you're not going to get what you paid for after only 8 days, just because your email wasn't replied to right away? :)
      They're generally honest if there's going to be a hold-up on a product or order, if you ask, they'll usually make the time for that regardless how busy they are, but if things are going as planned with your order, then they just won't usually have the time to reply before your product is already in the mail.
    Look at it this way, being one of the most frequented online head shops with a popular forum to boot, they receive dozens (if not hundreds) of orders a week, or even each day during busier times of the year. I'm not sure how many local head shops they run, if any, or if it's a warehouse, but sometimes they go directly through the artists and companies that produce the products (usually US made). Best case scenario, it's a lot for a small handful of people to keep on top of. :)
      Regardless, on average it takes between just one week, to four to six weeks to get a shipment, depending what country you're in and their customs delays, and you 've only waited 7 or so days! Your email wasn't the only they received, there are a lot of people who think it's not eating up a lot of the support team's time when they write a few times a week, just because they're wondering when their orders will ship.
      Your order may have shipped and you may just not know it! Sometimes the email gets eaten by people junk-mail, that's the usual culprit. :)  But there's always a chance that due to human nature, they may ship a package and if you haven't requested a tracking number they may neglect to let you know, but for the most part they will reply when it ships, and 99% of those "has my order shipped yet" emails are totally unnecessary! If you ordered a tracking number, that day, or the following day is when you'll get it. :)
     Most online head shops aren't Home Depots, or a Wal Marts, or chains with hundreds of stores and warehouses holding pre-packaged products that can be shipped automatically by thousands of employees; most head shops take at LEAST a few days for the one or two employees to manually collect all the gear that's been ordered for the day, sometimes from several locations (sometimes just after the artist has finished making it), before packaging it all up!
     If they're a small organization, and they try to hire the people needed to get it done any faster (not that five or six days is really a huge wait :p ) or if they had to hire, pay and trust additional employees with customer information so they could take on emails, and reply to the less necessary ones faster than they can just ship the package, it could as much as double their payroll, and the prices of the merchandise would skyrocket.
    From the shop....
    "Article 6 - Delivery and shipping info
    For information about shipping costs and time of delivery, please also visit our Shipping info page. In any event the time of delivery has a maximum of thirty days. In case is not able to deliver the product(s) within thirty days, shall inform you immediately in writing (e-mail, fax or letter) in which case you are entitled to terminate the agreement by notifying such in writing (e-mail, fax or letter) to shall refund any monies paid to you within thirty days, without incurring any other or further liability."
    That's a pretty decent guarantee (considering things can get lost or even stolen by employees in the mail service), and it's not one they'd make if they just intended on ripping you off anyways. That wouldn't get them anywhere. :)
    What shipping methods are available?
    " Support September 30, 2008
    The shipping costs depend on the weight of your package, the country of destination and the shipping method you choose. Once you add the products to  your basket and enter the country, state/province and your zip/postal code, you will be able to see the costs of shipping your order once you click on the 'get a quote' button.
    Standard International Mail
    Generally speaking our orders arrive at their destinations within 10 business days. For this method, a tracking number for your order is not available. Please pay attention: Your shipment number is NOT a tracking number. Costs are calculated based on weight and destination of the parcel. For more information, please refer to the 'How long does it take for my order to arrive' portion of the FAQ.
    Registered International Mail
    Generally speaking our orders arrive at their destinations within 10 business days. For this method, a tracking number is available. Please wait for 24 hours to receive said tracking number. If you have not received your tracking number within 24 hours of shipping, please contact us by submitting a support request or email to:
    You will have to sign for delivery upon receipt of your order. Tracking is not real time door-to-door delivery; it informs you if your order has been shipped and when it arrives in the country of destination and finally to your doorstep.
    Please pay attention: Your shipment number is NOT a tracking number. Costs are calculated based on weight and destination of the parcel.                                     
    For more information, please refer to the 'How long does it take for my order to arrive' portion of the FAQ."
    I can see where they're coming from, it's just a bit counterproductive for them to spend a portion of their budget that would otherwise go towards providing less expensive merchandise, on instead trying to reply to all the people who have simply not read the shipping terms and may not yet understand how online shopping works.  :)
     Budgeting any more than they already do, for replying to emails that will generally be sent just a day or two, if not mere hours before orders that never had problems in the first place, ship out, is probably not the best use of funds. :D  I'm not even a store, I just help folks with their edible oils, and I get more emails just from local patients than myself and three different volunteers can manage some weeks.. I can't imagine the volume of email GC must receive!
    Long story short..... "Patience, young grass(city)hoppah!" :)

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