Gc Rocks But Does Anyone Else Use A Different Forum That Has Chill People Like Gc?

Discussion in 'General' started by leodicapario, May 31, 2013.

  1. (I WILL NEVER LEAVE GC)..well the topic pretty much says it all.. i have been using gc since i was 14.. am 23 now still :bongin: and out of curiosity id like to find another 420 friendly forum and get a few new stoners opinions on a few things.. anyways if anyone has another forum thats really chill like this one id like to know of them. :gc_rocks:

  2. GC is my first and only forum. 
  3. well of course.. i mean its my number 1 forum... hell it better be bein around for 9 years lol... im really just lookin to get a few different opinions on some grows... just cuz gc is no.1.. doesnt mean u cant have a no. 2, 3, 4, etc...
  4. The only other forums I've really seen mentioned when people talk about other forums are Roll It Up and Reddit. People say Reddit is cool but I've never really checked it out. 
  5. GC is my only weed forum.   I frequent another forum for mycology but its not quite as chill as this.  This is the best moderated forum I've ever seen
  6. Before GC, I used to frequent Bluelight. Still go there from time to time. Gotta remember where you came from, lol.
  7. do people even read rules before they make threads??
  8. lol please excuse me/cut me some slack.. when i was really big on GC there werent many rules...
  9. Or when they choose their signatures...? lol
  10. i've been a pretty avid forum'er...first startedin 2004 on proboards support,  and posted on tons of smaller proboards....came to GCrecently, long long time lurker but i got banned from PB so i signed up here to pass the time, and been havin a great (way better) time ahaha.  currently post on 4 or5...this is my go-to though fa sho.
  11. apparently you do
  12. LOL.. come on i didnt wanna start drama.. lmao tho..
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  14. There's a guitar forum I visit on a daily basis. The mods there let you do pretty much anything you want aside from post porn and gore. You can say anything you want to the other members and most of them join in on the fun. 
    Your not...just look up "Weed forums" on google. Boom, GC was the first one that popped up for me and it seemed like a really active forum, so I signed up here.
    But all weed forums have cool people, their stoners for christ sake.
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    I'd take that comment down now or ban. 
  17. so i wont be ridiculed for "breaking a few rules" there?.. hence; unreal's comment.. cuz me and rules dont really get along too well..
  18. I like the color scheme you have there. It's perrrty. 
  19. see what i mean..  i had a feeling when i was posting.. will remove now..
  20. More like warning..

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