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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by burnttwaffle, Aug 28, 2008.

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  1. Dear Admins and Mods,

    I am re-suggesting this, although i realize it most likely won't happen, ROL had an awesome idea, and i think it should be considered, because it can save a lot of drama.

    One sticky, in this forum to recognize ACTIVE semi-popular members who get banned. I realize that the mods and admins do not have to explain there actions whatsoever, HOWEVER, just because you don't HAVE to do something, does not mean you shouldn't.

    I think Setting this up could save the grasscity forums a lot of drama; for example the recent scooby/bigred bans, if people where told why they where banned, in some form of detail, it could have saved a lot of time and stress. No matter what happens, Bans are final, unless RJML says otherwise so theres no getting past that. But if people where told why, then they have less, if anything they can bitch about.

    So grasscity Administrators and Moderators, i ask you one question. Why not?


  2. Second the motion. And what happened to Scooby and Bigred? :confused_2: I wasn't here for that.
  3. heh, i would hope that u would second it, considering its totally your idea man, i'm just repostin it.:)

    I cant really say what happened, because i wasn't an eye witness, i would ask rumandromanism, cause he saw it, and will be honest about what happened, definitely a trustworthy fello.
  4. I third this motion
    also, TheBitchesWere69 was banned a while back,
    I saw him get banned as TheBitchesWereTM
    Then again today as EastCoastHillS
    he was a contributing and respectful member of the City,
    so I don't understand why he was banned in the first place...
  5. Neg was banned again too.
  6. well, he made multipul accounts. thats against the rules he had it coming.:rolleyes:
  7. Indeed. I've been on a couple other boards, and they both died because of the same reason: reasonless banning of popular members (not that these bannings were reasonless necessarily, but we weren't given much reason). Just a simple explanation relaxes tensions a lot.

  8. Yea I know why he got banned as his second 2 usernames,
    but I still don't understand why he was originally banned because I don't think
    he had more than one username when he was first banned...
  9. Everyone gets banned for a reason. Most times when a "popular" member gets banned it's because there have been way too many warnings in the past. Shit adds up, you know? We keep User Notes on each member that gets moderated so we take past warnings and such into consideration when banning a member.

    We're not having a "police blotter"...if someone wants to shoot me a PM, as many have done, to see what's up with a ban, feel free to do so. Making threads about the ban in the forums will never help the situation and with everything else that the Mods and Super Mods have to do, I'm not about to make them start explaining their actions to anyone but SJ, me and the team. I trust our team. Granted, we had a breech of trust with a few Mods several months ago (and they're no longer here) but I still trust everyone on the moderating team now.

    We keep up with bans ourselves and can look back and find out what the reason was if it's not something that stands out...as far as thebitcheswer69...he and one of the "trolls" that "attacked" the City (most should remember that) were using the same IP address for posting.

    Now, for the last time, we're not having a "police blotter" at the City. If anyone feels that they need to have information regarding the actions of any Moderator, Super Moderator or myself...then PM me.
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