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  1. Ok this is the deal im all ready to go I got my grow spot and all my equipment set and ready to go, I am getting clones in the next few days. I am going hydro but my clones will come in soil, so I will carefully wash off the roots and set them in my medium. But my guy I get em from works during the day and I work at night till 11pm do I have to get these clones durning the day or can I get them at night? Will his have an effect on my plants cycle?:confused:.o
  2. Man mess it up ? Go get your clone and veg don't Worry Bring it home throw ur lights on it grow on . But keep in mind I can't even post a damn picture . But I say go get it put her under lights
  3. is this english?

    ---- To the OP,

    it wont have an effect on your plants. Just try to get them int a constant cycle ASAP

  4. Ok cool thanks what kinda light cycle is best for vegging?
  5. 24/7 is best that's what breeders use but 18/6 if you dont want to spend the extra money on electric bill..and try to use the same schedule they were on before if doing 18/6
  6. i use 18/6 then 16/8 a week b4 flower then 12/12

  7. Ok I think ill do 24 with my exsuast fan and my oscillating fan it stays 73 75 degrees and when light go out heater comes on!

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