GC Picture contest '09!!??

Discussion in 'General' started by Unclenugs, May 29, 2009.

  1. Maybe I'm stoned, but I can't seem to find any evidence of a official GC picture contest since '06.

    I'm just trying to get a feeling of how others feel about picture contests, and if we should bug the mods to hold another contest.

    I'm just sayin, maybe I would become a paid GC member if it got me into a picture contest.:D
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    Interesting... what are the prizes!

    I cant draw for shit, but i would love to see some good artwork from our community!
  3. Are you talkin' like a photography in general contest, or a pictures related to GC/weed contest?

    I like contests... :smoking::D
  4. I'll pose naked.

  5. I'd say photo in general since that would also allow for pictures of weed related items. Id also like to add that photoshop should be permitted .

  6. Thats a good question. GC would have to front a t-shirt, maybe a glass piece or two as prizes, but if they made being a 'paid member' a stipulation of entering the contest, it would more than cover the cost of any prizes.

  7. I must admit, I'm a photoshop junkie. Hardly any of my pictures get put online without a touch of photoshop first. Just because I digitally improved it doesn't mean its not art! :p

  8. I had just weed pictures in mind, but I'm sure there could be a couple different catergories.
  9. There was one last year. I got 3rd. And let me tell you, I got a nice bong out of that!
  10. I hope theres a new one, been dying to try out some macros with my new camera :cool:

  11. I'm loving the idea of different categories. Themes like.. smoke - plant - people or something like that. I think im about to go for a drive and a smoke for some inspiration.
  12. sounds like a good idea!...until i relized i dont have photoshop:smoking:

  13. cool! i've been looking all around, can you post a link?
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    Im sure we could help you out with that.. ;)

    Not to be taken 100% seriously*
    Maybe its because i just smoked but i think it would be fun to have a 3d picture contest. I feel like that would just make any stoners day to see tones of great pictures in black and white 3d (i know it'd make mine)
  15. I say you do a "Cannabis Capture Contest". Basically could be an artsy milkshot, some milkshots with a nice effect, bud macros, smoke incorporated pictures, or anything imaginable that's bud related. I think if you make the category quite broad, you will see more entries and more success. My .02.
  16. If only I could blow glass...damn. Either way, all for an '09 picture contest. :hello:

  17. How would this skill help with taking pictures?

  18. i'm sure there are a lot of great pics to be taken of glass blowing, I'm sure he just wants a good subject for his photos. it's good. it's getting people thinking of what pics they can take.

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