GC one last help for my first grow.

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  1. So long so far guys I'm 1-2 weeks before harvest from now.
    All the Info and help that I recieve here done great to me.
    But I'm facing now one last problem, it is the bugs on buds.
    As you can see from the picture these little bastards almost occupied every buds in the plant.

    Since there is not much time for harvesting, how do I clean these buds from this assholes?

    Any help will be awesome.
    Have a good day GC.:smiley-rolling-joint:

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  2. Hey my friend! Need some better pictures to identify what type of pest it is please!
  3. Of course.

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  4. A little bit clearer of a picture and I'll be able to point you in the right direction. I have experience with cannabis pests but it could be a few different things based on what I see thus far.

    I need to be able to see one of those bugs clearly in order to make the right suggestion :D
  5. Hope this helps.

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  6. I definitely see the bugs, just hard to give a perfectly accurate description without seeing it under magnification of some kind. They look like aphids to me based off of that picture.
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  7. 270C82E0-DDA9-4C24-81E9-0A1FFE3C2CD5.jpeg D1D3DC04-B4D0-40B0-B9A0-958330EE8757.jpeg
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  8. I believe aphids.
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  9. Not much you can do about aphids this late in to harvest, especially not at that scale. I would suggest trying to make some sort of concentrate out of it. Definitely would not smoke unless you want to be high on some bugs.
  10. I believe it's aphids too, I do search on internet how to clean buds, when they are fresh cutting they washing with some Lemon water and let it dry.

    I don't know if anyone hear of this.
  11. My suggestion is not to tamper with flower, especially if you plan on inhaling it. What you do is totally up to you, but I wouldn't personally smoke this plant.
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  12. yes, I just watched a video on that. It’s lemon water and baking soda maybe?

    I’ve smoked thc maggots b4 lmao. Was weird as shit seeming them move around in the bowl
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  13. So the was a dude around here who I first heard of “bud washing” from. His name is/was @Sypha. He shared his experience with I believe @Foxymel or possibly @Patricia Clemons . I haven’t done it because I’ve had no such issues and didn’t feel the need to.

    From what I recall there was a two bucket process. Wash/rinse. Wash was a small amount of peroxide and water, rinse was just water. A quick dip and shake underneath then pull out shake off, repeat in clean cold water bucket, shake off, hang dry...

    Please understand this is my best recollection of a process I have not done myself, but look it up, it may be something that helps.
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  14. Some outdoor growers wash their buds. I don’t know any details but maybe someone who washes their outdoor buds to chime in.
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  15. I still have no idea, some says washing process doesn't effect thc at all but some say they will never do that again.

    Usually the outdoor growers wash their buds on purpose clean bugs or any outdoor environment that fucked up the taste or quality.
    I still have no idea what to do.
    Buds are have almost honey like trichs, I don't wan't to mess it up...
  16. Okay I decided go wash them with 300 ml hidrogen peroxide with 15 lt tap water and share the results here.

    Many says this direction doesn't harm quality&taste of buds.
    Since plants have so much aphids and late stage of plants life I had no choice either really. :D

    Hope it is like what they said and I can show a little way to walk people who had been the same situtation like me.
    Wish me luck, harvesting and washing is on next wednesday.
  17. If ur
    it won’t degrade thc unless ur rough n break off trichomes. It will wash away some terps tho
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