Gc minions i need your help!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by ixBeachbumxi, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Looks like tha milfs gunna win it :rolleyes::smoke:
  2. Justice.

  3. get out of this thread then...this thread was about this dudes friend, not somebody's mother :rolleyes:
  4. vote vote vote!!! shes only down by 2
  5. She's #1 now.
  6. Voted again. She is still #1.

    Good on all you blades; I couldn't come through with the classroom, had to help the late night administrator. Why do they get the big bucks when we have all the solutions? :hello::smoke:
  7. Keep voting! Don't let her lose 1st place!
  8. I've done my part...:laughing:
  9. Does this girl know why she is winning?????
  10. lmfao, i wonder if she would care if almost 100% of her votes just came from a bunch of horny stoners

  11. I'm curious about this as well.
  12. It's currently tied for 1st place. I think that #2 bitch is cheating. I'm voting again 2 times at midnight. We've come so far guys. Let's don't let the world say that potheads can't get shit done. Keep voting!!
  13. bahahah. yeeeeeee stonaaaasss! we get shit done!...as long as its on a nice comfy couch/chair with a keyboard. haha.

  14. i dont think she is cheating. perhaps she has a posse behind her just like we are to the other girl
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  16. Ya but at least get a downshirt showing some nipple. :devious::love::gc_rocks:

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