Gc minions i need your help!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by ixBeachbumxi, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Done again, it's good to see us making a difference :)
  2. get your nut.

    P.s.;I voted.
  3. 2nd place and one step closer :D
  4. I been voting alot, Ima be mad if she loses
  5. Usually I don't care about this kind of stuff either. But I'm drinking bourbon and she loves being outdoors and snow skiing. Sounds like a decent chick if her interest are actually true.

    I voted.
  6. ^^ Plus I am almost making it personal to see one GC blades friends get on the calendar. The one that keeps taking over first must have a posse behind her.

    Hmmm, I just imaged a classroom and need to go back to join them to the domain (new systems). I think I will logon and vote from each of the 35 systems. :D:smoke:

    Library is closed to. If there is enough time before I finish, there is another 70 systems with unique IP addressess. :eek::hello:

  7. do it! ive been voting 5 times daily. once at school, and then at home using the various wireless networks i pick up from my neighbors. if i really wanted i could just keep changing my ip address. it only takes a few seconds
  8. Voted again....lets goooooooo

    that chicks like 65 votes behind....we're fucked.
  9. lol I hope this girl knows mad stoners see her with her pants down. whattup

    And by the way 1st place is such a milf. even though I voted for your bitch
  10. Damn in second place haha I voted :D
  11. i voted again step it up guys haha
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    lol I am entering this next time it comes around.
    I know too many girls who do this. it's crazyy.
  13. Can I vote for her ^^?
  14. Pics or GTFO
  15. i have voted yet a third time. my previous comment still stands.
  16. hahaha. ye canes. thanks guys. 1st or 2nd, it doesnt matter. So long as shes in the top 10 (i think?). I would check but i am farrrrrrrr to stoned to put in the effort. im just gonna click for my vote of the day then back to browsin gc
  17. just voted, she's down by like 100 votes

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