Gc minions i need your help!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by ixBeachbumxi, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. just voted again...
  2. voted again!!
  3. Shes only down by 6 votes....comeon we gotta beat that bitch in first place :devious:
  4. Now in first with 406. Keep her going. :hello:
  5. first place. booya bitch
  6. Someone should post up Garden State Girls.
  7. first place. Girl u better send each of us individually a picture of yer tittys 4 doing this
  8. GC coming together hahahah, just voted fellas
  9. you aint mac miller. get real homie
  10. okaaaaay playa
  11. She is winning with 417 votes! come on GC get the girl her 420 votes :)
  12. I voted , hope she wins!
  13. I voted. but on the real..

  14. Voted again.

    I think this brings up an interesting idea about the "smoker" vote. Politicians take note!!

  15. yea and make elections online
  16. She needs 24 votes to be in 1st place!!!
  17. Done my friend. Oh and I will also vote again when I get to my house.

    Why, you ask? Because I care. It's just because I care...

  18. I voted again, this is fun.

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