Gc minions i need your help!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by ixBeachbumxi, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Winning with only 70 votes doesn't seem right, what are the stakes again?

  2. Duh! It just dawned on me as to why the votes reset. :eek:

    New Month, New Page on the calendar. :)

    Time to vote again. :smoke:
  3. I voted for you, plus she's pretty hot so its all good!
  4. hahaha your absolutely right. We gotta keep this up for the entire month. Someone should sticky this just to get her alot of votes. Last time I checked, first place had around 1500 votes so if we get her around there, she has a shot.
  5. voted =] (this isnt to make her supreme ruller of the earth is it i didnt read it 0_o)

  6. this lol good luck
  7. done and bump
  8. damn the girl in second place came out of fucking nowhere.. guys keep voting shes about to lose the lead
  9. done and done.anything for a fellow blade.
  10. voted. you best be gettin' your dick wet.
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  12. i need some help too...
  13. 2nd place, bump
  14. voted! if she wins she owes you for bringing in teh votes
  15. I kidnapped her....[​IMG]
  16. So close to first place, 14 votes out.
  17. Voted. She's pretty banging too. Ya best get atleast minimum a rub n tug.
  18. voted your losing by like 40 votes shes in second place

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