Gc minions i need your help!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by ixBeachbumxi, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Im guessing they reset the votes because they found out someone was cheating somehow, probably using proxies and a spam bot. Shes in first place now so everyone keep voting for her.
  2. She was tied for first when I saw it, now she is first. aww yeaa
  3. voted again...does she get paid for this?
  4. Do they keep resetting the vote? She is in first place with 28 votes after I voted??!!:smoke:
  5. haah fuckin GC takin over calendar shoot contests i love it :laughing:
  6. ahaha it seems that the girl in first place must have been cheating? i dont see that she is in the contest anymore
  7. She looks like a slut.....Omg I'm stereotyping off of looks, get over it I have a good eye for these things. Anyway I voted for her so dont hate :p

  8. haah are telling me OP's Idea backfired :laughing:
  9. Nah, she is still in first with 33 votes. The site seems slow, but here is her link;

    Granite State Girls
  10. wow...ya im guessing someone cheated. that is weird...oh well lol
  11. fuck yea! shes gonna be number one for sho! shes got like 61 votes and is way ahead. im voting 3 times daily thinks to the unprotected wireless networks i pick up
  12. I voted for her only because I would feel like a cock blocking jerk if I did not lol.
  13. Voted again:D

    you can vote once every day:D

    She's still first w/65 votes :yay::love:
  14. Lol you better tell her how she won I want a thank you or you better get laid or something :laughing:
  15. Voted 3 times so far - Good to see her in 1st!
  16. I kind of want to post this on 4chan so some huge 500 pound behemoth can win first place :cool:
    But I'll hold back on my temptations.
  17. Voted. She's in first with 76 votes... Good ol' GC.
  18. Yessir. Good ole Gc pullin through :). And again, im not getting shit out of this guys...just an old family friend who posted it on fb asking for help so...figured id lend a hand. Who knows, if she wins she could get noticed and shit could go great for her and could changer her life all thanks to a buncha nice pot heads :hello:
  19. just voted for the 2nd time since the polls restarted. I got your back OP!

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