Gc minions i need your help!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by ixBeachbumxi, Sep 24, 2010.

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    Dear god, 1st place girl MUST lose. :devious:
  2. I voted. She's hot too. Tell her I said good luck with whatever contest she's trying to win.
  3. up to 14th place :). GC u fucking rock guys.
  4. If you get to tap that. Please brand her. GC :smoke:

    I voted by the way :)
  5. you have my vote, get some more pictures of her since we are doing the dirty work. shes a good looker
  6. Tell her the guys at GC said do stuff like this girl and you will be #1 in no time!
    Granite State Girls
  7. 4 votes are from me

    huzzah for proxies! i have a flash card somewhere around here with tor on it so once I find it i'll give her some more
  8. voted yet again.
  9. i posted the link to her profile on a couple of the forums i frequent. hopefully she can get up in first place :hello:
  10. I want to vote for most of them :eek:
  11. Voted
    While we are on the subject, I would have voted for any of those girls. Lots of cute chicks in New Hampshire.
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    That's funny, I was just thinking the opposite.

    Not to say the OP's girl isn't cute, but going through some of those girls made me glad to live in NY.

    I mean, look at #1...


    That's some last call shit right there...
  13. Voted, good luck.:D

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