Gc minions i need your help!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by ixBeachbumxi, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Dude does she know why she is in first place??

    After she wins she does owe us a nude photo or two...;)
  2. yes she does, and ya...no dude. just no. haha
  3. i voted i find this quite amusing.. i love randomness

    btw this is like that facebook shit, where people leave their party invites to public then like 10,000 random people say their "attending" the party...
  4. 845! she has a pretty nice lead now
  5. Nah bro she owes us something :p
  6. She is only 10 votes behind first rite now!
    The girl in the lead seems like a whore....just sayin:eek:

  7. ill be damned how did that bitch catch back up? after i voted she was a good 75 votes ahead
  8. Voted hope I can help at least a little a bit!

  9. +rep to you for creating an account and voting w/ your first post.
  10. 864 - 883 Still second place. :confused:

    I vote twice a day sometimes 4-6 if I have extra time at diff. systems. :devious::wave::smoke:

    Let's get her on top (Ooo I wish.:p).

    Granite State Girls
  11. damn now shes almost a hundred votes from 1st. wtf?
  12. just voted again.

    She's down by 82 votes.

    This is getting intense.

    We should all link this thread in everyone's sig and make this thread blow up.
  13. Voted pretty late, hope it still counts haha
  14. It says....

    Top 50 Girls 10/01/2010-10/31/20100

    The top 50 girls with the most votes at the end of the voting period will show up together to a walk-in audition to be rated by a panel of judges. The top 12 girls selected by the judges will be the new Granite State Girls and will have a photo shoot for the calendar.

    guys post that link on any other forums you guys visit.
  15. How is that slut with the child winning?!!! She must lose, OP's friend must win! :devious:
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    Voted again.
  17. Just voted for her. Cool shit man, shes second place now!

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