gc members in chi?

Discussion in 'General' started by adamp, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. i'm on the north side, lincoln park specifically. anyone near here?
  2. Let me remind you guys.

    Just in case. Thanks.
  3. i thought u ment chi energy...

    to bad.
  4. damn stylez i havent seen that avatar in a minute man, haha.
    and im here reppin the chi to the fullest, how bout dem cubbies?
  5. northwest suburbs... lake county more specificly long grove
  6. Holy shit dude...I'm on the border of Long Grove and Buffalo Grove by the McShell. Haha.
  7. whatup southwest suburbs

  8. sketchyyyyyyyyy
  9. Haha. Understandable. "Low post count, just joined, definitely a cop." I'm not looking to meet up with anyone, it's against forum rules. I've been lurking for a while until I turned 18. And I just thought that it's fucking awesome how members of your community can be a part of a The City and you not even know it. Just goes to show you how many stoners there are out there.:smoking:
  10. Yo:cool: SW suburbs here.
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    gtfo I go to the mcshell all the time... did u go to stevenson
  12. Reppin the West Side motherfacko
  13. northwest suburbs :wave:
  14. me too where in

  15. I moved here before school started, I was short a few a credits and didn't want to have to go to high school school another fucking semester, so I took an equivalency test and am attending CLC now. So in short...No. Haha.
  16. well not anymore but i was born there

    hooray for deep dish!! :hello:

    fuck georgia pizza

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