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Discussion in 'General' started by DiAmOnD RaStA, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Hey, what ever happened to this guy? He had so many pics, was kinda a jackass though.

    Anyone know why he was banned?

    ...i was just lookin threw some old pics and saw his gallery again.
  2. Lol i remember him going on a posting rampage yelling at admins or something like that.
  3. i think a thread he posted got closed and he kept reposting it and it got closed time after time and he got super pissed and started dissing all the mods/admins

    .......basically what hoast said
  4. Oh.

    Well, sad to see a "cool seeming" member, but if he was playin some bullshit like that, i guess its better he is gone. lol, still got some crazy pics though.
  5. yeah what happened with him was that he posted 3 threads with different names but the same posts in all 3. then when one was closed he took it out on rmjl and ended up being banned
  6. yogi is a chill ass dude, and he started his own message board i was a member and now i think its down so idk hopefully hes still growin and blazin:bongin:
  7. I remember looking through the pictures before I became a member and just thinking that he was the luckiest man on earth. Correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't he have some sort of life threating illness. I remeber he saying once that he got like 2 LBS from 4 plants that he grew. He had like machine guns so if people tried to mess with his stash he coulde shoot them. Crazy Mother Fucker.
  8. what messag board did he start
  9. yea on his message board he wrote a journal type thing and talked about his childhood vietnam and all kinds of random crazy sh*t wish it was still up
  10. yo his pics where funny as shit. i remember the one of him naked smokin a joint checkin on his plants at night hahaha that shit was funny

  11. word. i was just thinking about that one, where he edited over his shit, to make it look like he was covering a wang down to his knees haha
  12. I never could understand his posts, but he grew some bomb diggity trees.
  13. ^thats cause he was so blazed all the time and didnt graduate hs:(
  14. lol hey! i found him haha, he is on another forum, under a different name. He has some new crazy ass pics lol. that guy is cool, sucks he couldnt handle himself lol
  15. i love his pics! They are so amazing!!!
  16. link to the pics?
  17. i wanna see the new pics
  18. man, I miss this guy!
  19. You made me think Diamond Rasta and Yogi were back....asshole
  20. damn this is a old thread,,,,,,,,,

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