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  1. Okay so I need some help...

    I'm 23 and have dated my share of guys, only one being serious who I dated on and off for 8yrs. We broke up about a year and a half ago...

    I've definitely lived up my singledom
    Had my share of revenge sex with his friends
    Yes I'm devious

    Now, I think I'm finally ready to get back in the game... I love my hook up buddy's but I'm ready to be intimate again, I'm ridiculous I'm aware.


    I'm average looking, not the skinniest girl
    Now how the FUCK do I meet a guy? Ive already got my degree and working on a certification so I'm not working. I don't really drink anymore just smoke so im not one to meet people at a bar. Where are the guys hiding? It's hard because I'm not a classy broad and I'm a hippie broad who's a real dudes girl.


    where is this guy hiding
  2. First of you're trying too hard, you're a fucking woman.

    You have TITS AND ASS.


    That's like it man..
  3. low cut shirt. + yoga pants + any straight male = bonar (unless fat chicks.)
  4. I like my tits and ass and love dick and weed and beer and bacon and sex

    No luck

    Haven't "looked" yet so I couldnt classify myself as desperate.. Yet bahahha
  5. Online dating lol. If you don't go out and meet guys often IRL you have to move online. Good luck.
  6. You have a vagina, you're cute, and you smoke weed..it should be fairly simple because that's what every male stoner is looking for.
  7. I t's not going to rain men.. well it will if you get what I mean.

    Just go to the fucking grocery store or veggie mart whatever you hippies do shit even the mall has guys in it.
  8. Go to a club.

    Or a concert
  9. And u haven't found a guy yet!?!? I don't drink but if a female told me that is be like you have exceeded my requirements
  10. hippie chicks ftw ;)
  11. Yes I do leave my house

    I'm extremely social

    I go to the store, concerts, out w friends, etc
    I'm not a hermit >.<

    But dudes don't come up to me, and it's not easy finding stoner friends! Just my best friend tokes with me and he refuses to set me up because the people he knows are assholes.

  12. Then go up to them... you ain't no cinderella waiting for her price take charge and whatever femenists say.
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    You should post a picture of your body, preferably in a skimpy dress or lingerie or something along those lines. So we can uh.. evaluate the problem, you know.
  14. Step one: Go to a public place, ANY public place that isnt full of tweakers and rapists.

    Step 2: Initiate a conversation with someone you find attractive.

    Step 3: repeat until the task is accomplished.

    Youre a non-ugly women and men usually have pretty low standards, youre most likely much higher than the persons standard.
  15. Don't u mean self ejaculate

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  16. Sadly it's not always about the looks and the tits.

    Sometimes it's about demographic and statistics.

    The the number of men and women in your area.

    The ratio between the two...

    And the percentage of a lot of events happening at certain times and in certain places.

    And with the growing number of gays and transvestites, it's no wonder a good looking hippie chick, such as OP herself, can't get a man.
  17. Where do my stoner blades hang out?
  18. I agree

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  19. In the basement or the attic of their mother's house.


    I don't know where they hang out...
  20. Online dating is the way to go. I'm in the same situation, done with school and I don't meet anyone my age who's single at work.

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