GC Lets Show Our Love For Trayvon Martin and Others Alike

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    GC lets show our love for the Martin family and all others that have been affected by lax gun laws in America allowing people to murder and claim self defense if there is no hardcore evidence (surveillance tape) that they were the aggressor. Take 1 minute to sign this petition to show your support! Every signature counts :


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  3. Facebook activists...
  4. I honestly don't know what happened here and I really don't care.

    Why does it always take something like this for people to start giving a shit? Like there has never been racial profiling before this kid died. Where were all these people before?

    I'm all for awareness and whatnot but bandwagon jumping is getting old and annoying
  5. Theres witnesses corroborating this story, that they saw Trayvon on top of Zimmerman beating him, then they went inside to call the cops and heard the gunshot.
  6. Trayvon was a punk. the corporate media is trying to stoke racial hatred to help Obama with his reelection. They have been lying through their teeth as usual.
  7. Ten minutes before the shooting, several houses over from where Trayvon died, Zimmerman began stalking that boy.

    How do we know this?

    The last of Zimmerman's nearly 50 calls to 911 in the last few months, unanimously about black people, ALL of which turned out to be false alarms, was about Trayvon, his location, and what he intended on doing. Following him.
    When you have someone larger man following you, and he approaches you with a gun, your only options are to either run or wrestle it away.

    Trayvon tried both, and failed, when the older, larger man shot him in the chest, then kneeled on his back and pinned the motionless, dying boys head, face and arms, to the ground.

    How do we know this?

    Eye witness accounts, from TWO neighbors, who saw the after-math and witnessed the boys last breaths.

    A person who sticks up for that kind of behavior, just about deserves to be in the same tight spot as Zimmerman, because that person has a very skewed, warped perception of human rights and the law.
  8. I thought stand your ground didn't apply to this?

    Anyways, lol.
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    What on earth makes you think he was a punk?

    "this just in: a 17 teen year old with a non-existant rap sheet armed to the teeth with skittles and iced-tea, viciously and randomly assaults a 200 pound man with a history of violence and of false alarm calls to the police! In self defense, Zimmerman followed his attacker before he was attacked and disobeyed police orders not to pursue, when trayvon launched his brutal, ice-tea can to the nose assault, Zimmerman had no choice but to shoot and kill him, despite trayvons dying pleas for mercy. Quite the remarkable display of heroism don't ya think Jen? back to you biased-racist media headquarters."

    zimmerman can be guilty, and trayvon innocent even if the media is over-playing it. the two aren't mutually exclusive.
  10. Can't wait to see the fuckin' Hallmark movie about this.
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    He was following a person that didn't belong in the neighborhood because they had been having a large amount of breakins recently. He called the police, then gave up on following him. Once he walked back to his vehicle, Treyvon came up, punching him, knocking him to the ground, and then getting over him to keep him from getting back up and continued assaulting him. Nothing more than a savage thug, Zimmerman was the one trying to call out for help, and when it seemed no one was going to help him, as his last resort he shot Treyvon.

    There's no reason to feel sorry for the kid, he assaulted someone that he thought was unarmed, and the person defended himself. Stupid mistake cost the kid his life, sucks for him, that's all there is to it.

  12. Dude isnt going to jail no matter how many threads on grasscity and facebook. The law is the law and you cant bend it for things that dont seem right.
  13. All the outcry about this one American kid but barely a whimper regarding the women and kids slaughtered in Afghanistan...:rolleyes:

  14. If he walked up to his vehicle, which was parked houses away, then how did he wind up shot in a neighbors back yard if Zimmerman didn't chase him illegally? :wave:

  15. This.

    What about the women, children, babies, teachers, etc. who are constantly killed in our foreign adventures and written off as "collateral damage".

    Until I see major outcry about that, I'm wholly unimpressed with America's flash in the pan momentary spurts of activism.

  16. Yeah you just accept the murderer's story that this kid half his size attacked him for no reason.

    If this kid was the one stalking him for blocks then he might have a legitimate defense. But it was the other way around.

    What would you do if some much bigger stranger has been following you for blocks? You either fight or run.

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