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    if any a time i need the people of grasscity help its now. i just ran out of nutes and i didnt have cash so i went to the store and bought 26.50 worth of jungle juice grow,micro,bloom and i have no idea how to use it heres my setup

    four. 1 gallon pots
    bannana kush strain
    roots organic soil
    grow,micro,bloom jungle juice from advanced nutrients
    4ft t5 bad boy four bulb

    any help at all greatly apreciated tryn to figure out how to use the nutes the clones are 1 week rooted in soil
  2. you can do the lucas formula which is 4ml micro and 8ml bloom for grow and 8/16 ml for flower..you dont need the grow..google it there tons on it and it works good
  3. ok so the lucas formula sounds good i might try that ....and does that mean i bought the grow for no reason and i just mixed up a batch off micro/grow mix should i just throw some bloom in it and let them all do theyre job.....? and what about big bud, b52,vodoo juice,and overdrive at all necessary i mean if it will make it worth the while ill buy it and i want to buy a root enhancer any recommendations
  4. Use all three you already bought em. Unless you havent opend vrow and can return it.
    All the bloom enhancers/supliments you listed wont be needed for a while.
    And arent required to grow good weed. They are like "bling".
    Dont get me wrong they do what they say. But you can also grow great pot without em.
  5. Yea the only additives I would get are liquid karma and maybe pro-tekt...if you're going to use all three just follow the directions and start off at half and work up
  6. awsome thank you i wanna buy at least one additive from the AN line do you have any reccomendations...? i was thinking maybe big bud or bud candy
  7. I would go with big bud or overdrive over bud candy
  8. What you after. Fat buds? Big bud. Lots of resin? Bud factor X. Flavour? Bud candy.
    From the AN line.
    Be aware AN isnt exactly the cheapest line of neuts.
  9. how much does the litter usually run i want the bomb my friends and if all those do that im down so bigbud,budcandy,budfactorX is on the shopping list
  10. If you only doin the one grow. Get the little sample sizes.
    Bigbud 15$
    X 30$
    Bud candy 20$

    Now the 1L size bottles are quite a bit more. But thats more than you need for a grow.
  11. Also green planet nutrients are pretty much the same as AN and cheaper
  12. planet green is that the ones you recommended before the pro-tekt and liquid karma...........my plants need roots right now so will these take care of it
  13. all you really need is your base nutes which you have...liquid karma has lots of things like humic acid, seaweed, carbs, ect which just help out but are not necessary..pro-tekt is silicon which helps build tissue and protect against stress..also just an additive and not necessary...same with all those advanced additives..green planet is a whole line of nutes that are similar to AN and are cheaper...what you have is fine and will get you through your grow if thats all you can get right now...hope that helps
  14. it has been a great deal of help i guess what i want is an additive with the ability to make the nugs fatter big bud sounds like itl do that...but your right i should be content with what i have.......... i also have couple more questions if you wouldnt mind like can i use superthrive with jungle juice and if you have any knowledge on dwc it would be greatly appreciated im going to probably buy a 5 gallon single system and ive never ph anything dont know how to do it
  15. +1 to just using all three JJ according to the directions, you can't really go wrong with that.

    I would add not to get confused by the "twice a week" one guy said. Rather go strictly by using it every other watering (so water once with nutes, once without, once with, once without, etc.) Let your plants almost dry out before you go to the next watering. Not enough they wilt, but are just about to droop the slightest bit. If that's twice a week, twice a day, whatever, it doesn't matter. You alternate feedings according to how fast they drink it up, not by the calendar.

    I see a few people blowing the green planet horn but I don't like 'em. They say they copied AN's formula but from what I've seen they did a half-assed job of it. You can assemble the water, calcium, iron, and so on in exactly the same ratios of a human being without it being anything at all like a human being. There's more to copying a "recipe" than just having the same amount of everything in the bowl.

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