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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by SuicidalSoldier, May 23, 2006.

  1. was guna post this in a thread someone had with a flyer in it but thought of this idea.
    we could make a GC flyer with legalization proposition and a few facts etc etc and get everyone on GC who is capable to print out as many as possible and hand em out, stick em on cars and buses, put them up at school or work, and other stuff?
    id be happy to design a basic layout so that each person can alter it to their spec, but the most important part would be a nice GC logo with a lovely leaf :D
    get back to me! hehehehehe :smoking:
  2. id print these
  3. Make it man!
  4. Yeah man, you make it look all professional and give 100% accurate and reliable information and you can bet that i'll print them off.
  5. By the way, make it black and white... It would be much more eco friendlier ;)
  6. Only if you can write SYKDOM in very fine print in the corner so I can show it off to all my friends.
  7. i could see doing this if my politicians were actually considering legalization/decriminalization. i don't see the need to put myself in a potential situation for a cause that's probably not going to bring about change.

  8. Hemp paper only right?
  9. legalization of what?
  10. Is that a joke I really hope so, but I would print them out man the more people that become educated the better even if it is not legalized right away. One step at a time
  11. i would print and distribute them around here..you cant expect change over night it takes time and the more we do the less time it will take
  12. I'd do it. But you CAN'T put a GC logo on it. Unless the owner of GC is down. Which for some reason I highly doubt.

    Great idea though, but this can't be just some flyer. This flyer has to ROCK MY WORLD. And I mean it needs to cover everything and be easy to read and catchy and and and... blablabla. I'm sure you get what I mean.

    I think NORML has some on their site. Could be wrong though.

  13. Why give up hope man? I'd print some out and hand out flyers and get people to sign petitions and what not. If we could get every one here at GC to sign a petition, that would be ALOT of signatures.
  14. Yeah, you can't really corporate GC into it unless SJ or whoever else agrees..

    The ideas there tho..
  15. i'd print them out.
  16. that link is screwed :( ^^
    uhm..thanks to yall for our comments im getting down to it as we speak.
    making it black and white so its easier to print more and also..everyone is free to edit the flyer as they wish :)
    i was thinking .. United World Marijuana Users [UWMU] .. any other thoughts/ideas?

    *also- could make a black/white & colour version so everyone is happy?*
    *or MLM: Marijuana Legalization Movement*
  17. ok well here is what i have so far.
    just to see that evryone likes the overall layout, i plan to have the info in the whitespace and maybe set up a small site somewhere (free hosting) with a download of the final version..just need the info and quotes for it.
    i think putting the counts of deaths from alcohol, cocaine, heroin, tobacco, etc (& marijuana= 0 !! :D)
    uhm..input greatly appreciated :)

    *lol..almost forgot the pic there*
    *oh, and u really need to maximize the pic to see it properly :p*
  18. man that is an excellent idea

    I've been looking on the net for movements in California in wich I can print out flyers and post them all around town

    This is a great idea. I don't know if it will do much, but I will defiently post them up everywhere in Cali.
  19. its not about what it does, but about showing what we believe and how much we are willing to try.
    if we dont at least try then we definately wont get anywhere.

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