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  1. Anyone who has a good startin amount of money and is over twentyone should send private messages to others who have posted they have money, and you should tally up the money total, and then we can get more, there is so many on this site im sure a lot are down. but we need to make sure we have solar panels galore, and more elaborate plans for long term living. this is serious now lets do it. Lets get people who can organize it more in depth.
  2. Im not sure if this was suggested here but we need to buy one or two of these
  3. i know its soo unrealistic but if enough of you are down to go ahead with thiss i got like 35k to throw down as well as an entire armory i could get my hands on as long as we someone can get me away form where im leaving quickly
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  4. Count my word on it...I will have my own island in the next 10 years out in the Bahamas or Virgin Islands / Caribbean! :D
  5. Island prices are gong up?where do you find a statistic like that?! lol

    just as a warning to those who think islands are cool, think about how many islands get demolished every year due to tsunamis, hurricanes, tidal waves, earthquakes and other natural disasters. sorry to be a downer but if you want isolation in temperate weather i'd say buy 100 acres in central or south america; or in the french country side; Spain along the Mediterranean; or hell buy 1000 acres of Antarctica and build a giant bio dome! or i guess an island in the Mediterranean would be cool if we didn't have to worry about pirates!
  6. I'm down.... I don't really have any money to buy an island with tho... But I can bless you with my presence....

    And I can supply the girls....... :cool::smoke:
  7. and i can supply some...fun for the girls :D
    plus, im down to help build some shit in return for a free stay at the island as i have no money to put down for the island.

    btw, i was thinking about GC island right before i clicked the general section and saw this thread, i shit you not. thats some telepathic shit.
  8. Forgot about this thread. :)
  9. Did no one see the movie The Beach? Didn't really end too well
  10. I saw up until the point some dude wanted to go back to mainland to get his tooth checked out, but he wasn't allowed...thats all I really remember. Been too long.
  11. hmmm... don't really feel like goin through 23 pages to see if we've made any progress towards our own island... Funny thing is we could totally call it grass city... but that's probably been said already... hmm.... anyone else just feel really like.... just like.... alone? man i just felt like i was the only person in the world right then.... not a good feeling.... well, I've always wanted a little city or country where seriously open-minded people could actually rule themselves, instead of this proxy-dictatorship... mmm... that's good.... "proxy-dictatatatorship"... yeah... I like that... oooh! chips!
  12. Im in

    but we gotta make sure to leave all the pigs and spam bots at home
  13. man i would totally be down to do this, if I ever become a billionaire, I will buy an island and name it GC island. AND UR ALL INVITED WOOT!
  14. The City thread made me revive this one. :) I had too...

    Its too sweet of an idea to pass up. Honestly, if all the active members pooled all their money together, I'm sure we could buy an island. Not that it will happen, but it is possible.
  15. Perhaps we could do a timeshare with other marijuana forums.
  16. As long as I get my hammock, my straw hat, some good, live music and about 8, 10 foot tall Sativa's...I'll be happy. :)

  17. With all these outdoor plants I could easily take enough seeds and make my own giant beanbag chair.

    If this ever does become a reality in the future I want someone to track me down and convince me to go.
  18. I'd throw down as long as I was guaranteed a nice little spot for my "garden"... Seems like it would be a pretty peaceful, fun to live place.
  19. Also a lovely sanctuary for when the Zombie Apocolypse starts.
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