GC is falling off

Discussion in 'General' started by killa_clam, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. I think GC is falling off,it's not the way it used to be.I'm a long time lurker and been here since Feb 06,and it's not the same.....What's going on????

    All the valued members are leaving,everything is getting recycled,no new creative threads,i MEAN WHATS GOING ON PEOPLE.

    The level of disrespect has went down,so has the immaturity,but it still boring.Maybe cause I'm here in the morning(EST),or maybe cause it's all the cool cats that make this place worthwhile are leaving.

    Like nas said destroy and rebuild,this place got dextroyed....I guess it's time to rebuild.....:confused_2:

    But I'll say it again,this place is getting boriiiing.....Yawn Yawn Yawn:p

    No disrespect to the mods though,actually a Big Ups.This place has been real clean lately.

    Shout Outs to RMJL,Hempress,IGottheCottons and GreenLantern420 :wave:
  2. I seriously think we have complete idiots for mods.
    If this is enough to get me banned....
    We have amazing mods..!
  3. I was'nt intending this to be a mod bashing thread......sorry if it rubbed me the wrong way......
  4. I know, but I did.
  5. as much as that is not entirely needed, I can't completely disagree... although I won't name anyone.

    As much as one could bitch, I still enjoy it here, which is all that matters.

    and killa... isnt it obvious? Were all too busy smokin pot to post here... its kinda difficult to type when you're rollin a joint/blunt, am i right?
  6. Yeah your right....But you shoulda seen GC in the golden days,it was a sight to see.
  7. Relax, there is always a 'change' in GC during the summer months. Public schools are on vacation and thus the board sees an influx of younger, less mature posts.

    GC hasn't fallen off, only the quality of membership has. You'd be surprised how this place changes every September.

    And you're right, we do.
  8. If you do a search, there have been identical threads to this one since the day I joined...in 2003. I think it's human nature to yearn for the "good old days" and I also think GC is just as cool as it used to be.
  9. I don't know maybe I'm just bored,but it has been pretty lame in here.....

    Yeah,I know it's human nature to yearn for the good ole days,but you gotta admit those days were very memorable....

    Waitin for september to come back like Knox said to return this place back to the Pot Utopia it once was.....:hello:

  10. The golden days were way back in 2001, 2002 and 2003. The City changes every year. People come and people go. Sometimes the going is for the best when it comes to some members who need a serious break from here.

    I'm sorry that you think it's falling off here because we've been trying to get things back on track. Everyone has to make new threads. We can't just depend on a certain little "group" to do the thread making. It's up to us all to make the City thrive.

    Thanks for the feedback, though...and the shout out's are appreciated. :)
  11. Just wait for the new members to grow up. I think we have great members right now. But, I'm a new cat around here. Things change, man.
  12. Of course the city is "falling off" there's been the usual surge of summer immaturity, but this year there seems to be alot more complaining about it as well, you can not blame the few mods we have for not being able to keep the city completly clean, it's gotten quite large the past few years, especially with the shutdown of og.

    I'm far from bored with the city, but I like to blaze a bowl and come check out the real life stories where your pretty much gaurnteed a couple new and different threads every day. The only way a forum can get boring is if the people posting are boring. So start posting discussions you's llike to see, and if there's the interest here, it'll take off.
  13. Everything changes at some point. It's the cycle of life, you just gotta accept it, if you don't like it, try to change it.

  14. I noticed the change in the maturity of the members. There's not much to do about it really besides hope that they all admit that they're under 18 haha. I know what you mean by the golden days because people were a lot closer and stuff on these forums back in the day when I was lurking here. Now you have a lot more trash talking and ignorant posts that detract from the GC experience.

    It has nothing to do with the mods, they simply sit back and let people join then make sure they don't get out of line. If anything the mods are helping us bring back GC.
  15. That's very true. It was a little more close-knit back then, but we had a lot less members, too. ;)
  16. its just because of summer, after school starts and the kiddies dont have all day to screw around on grasscity it will probably get better
  17. the golden days of June 07 :confused_2:
  18. I've been lurking since 06......
  19. I suggest we make a thread in which we offer a free package of rolling papers to people who admit that they're underage. Then we can just ban all of them.

    haha only kidding.
  20. Trust me man, you haven't seen the golden days, I was lurkin' around in '02, '03, and joined in '04, due to age requirments on the board. Those we're the good ol' days.


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