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  1. Hey blades

    well I've had a bagseed plant growing good this summer after finding a bunch of seeds scattered throughout my cabinet, it managed to stay alive through July and grow beautifully through August without any problems.

    Now here's the dilemma, its starting to get chilly out and the time of havest is creeping up, I haven't really noticed too much growth in the last week and the hairs/pistils are changing to orange, aside from that the people around this area are getting kind of nosy so I need to harvest soon. I'm not too sure whether I should wait a couple more days or hang her up tonight so I thought I'd come here and get some opinions.

    Heres a few pics

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  2. Looks like she could have some more time just to fatten up some more, but you really should check out the trichomes under a microscope. They will tell you when to harvest.

    How long has she "been under"? If it's been more than 8.5 weeks you're probably good to go anyway.
    Has she been flushed? (something to consider doing before harvest)

    If you are too paranoid, either from cold weather or neighbors, go ahead and chop her...she does look good, and you know better than I do how ripe she looks.
  3. Yeah I was thinking of maybe leaving it out to fatten up some more, I think she started flowering at the begginning of Aug/Late July, grown outdoors with no nutes/ferts or anything. Just soil and water.

  4. That's cool. She looks a bit skimpy to me, but that's because you never gave any nutes. No biggie.

    You're probably okay to harvest if you like, especially since you haven't seen much new growth lately...I bet you'd get more of a head/sativa buzz than a body/indica stone, though. She is looking quite frosty...yummy

    Like I said though, if you're paranoid of nosey neighbors, pull her up. Sucks to be paranoid all the time about it and sucks doubly to risk getting busted or ripped off. Ya getting people peekin' over your fence or something? If you have a more enclosed spot you should move her there, or camaflouge her with fake flowers or lawn ornaments :p
  5. yea dude I think next year I might try and put together a closed in spot so nobody can see.

    I listened to what you said and gave 'er a couple more days, she got a little more fatter, more of the pistils are going orange/brown so I'm hoping to harvest real soon.
  6. that looks like the mysterious duck foot strain i keep hearing about
  7. nice fucking pick on the bagseed man! props on the grow. Microscope them trichs and looks for the milky's if they look whitish or most of them do, cut it down, but otherwise draw it out as long as you can to get all the weed you earned! :) good job

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