GC I need your help on Hydo System

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by ledzeppelin627, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Hey GC whats up. Me and my buddy were thinking about buying a hydro system and were looking for for something stealthy and i found this pretty bad ass system But i no nothing about growing hydro but from what i read on the website it said that its pretty low maintenance. So the Website is Sunlight Sheds < and its the sun speaker i was looking into. Please Help me out Thanks

  2. If your truly worthless with tools you will need a turn key system.

    Most of those systems are way overpriced and poorly designed,6 plants under 150watts is the first problem I see.
    I would get a cab from HD and add one five gal bubble bucket,LST the plant and get a great harvest.

    Those places should help you set it up and get you running,your paying for that too IMO.

    Read for awhile and you will pick up on allot,then you can ask questions in JCJ's thread,look it up bro.

  3. This is exactly right. If you're considering buying a system IMO you are not ready for hydro. Do more research before you buy, chances are you will decide that building your own is better. When you build your own you can build it exactly as you want. It can be custom sized to fit your exact dimensions.

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