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Discussion in 'General' started by The HappyCamper, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Alright, here is my sad little story about a girl.

    So my best bud broke up with his girlfriend, and about 3 weeks later, I got interested in her. She wanted to be friends with benifits! Of course, bro's before ho's. So I asked my friend, and he told me it was fine. Except then he called the girl a whore, and they both got mad at me.

    I restored both relationships, and began to like the girl still. I started talking to her, and I felt a connection. I really liked her. And she liked me, or so she made it look. Turns out she lead me on, and liked another guy.

    She says she never meant to lead me on, and asked if she could practice "sucking my dick" so she would get better at it, because according to my friend, she wasn't the best. But hey, a bj is a bj. So I said yes, and was actually pretty excited.

    However, I was on vacation, so we had to wait to do it until I get back. We talked about it for weeks, and what was supposed to be a simple bj, ended up being planned as doing everything except sex. I got even more excited.

    About a month later, we are now at todays date. My birthday. I come home in 3 days, and we were planning to fool around the day after. I find out from someone else that she is now dating that guy. I text her, and she confirms it. She says she no longer will fool around with me because she doesn't cheat.

    But she does however, love to lead people on. And a month after waiting excitedly, it all goes to shit. On my birthday, which was already pretty shitty to begin with. But I give props to this girl for not only making it the shittiest birthday I've ever had, but the shittiest day of the summer, possibly the year, that I've ever had.

    And now I sit here, alone. Drinking shot after shot until I can hardly crawl into my bed. Women suck, feelings suck, people suck.
  2. happens id be happy about being the practice dummy though thats for sure!

  3. Happy? Even though it never happened? And instead of her sucking my dick, shes sucking off some other guy? I waited all summer for that shit, and 4 days before, it goes to shit.
  4. Sorry to hear that bro, some chicks are like that all you can do is get drunk and jack off, hope youre feeling better soon
  5. That's gay

    No offense op, but you had a month to hook up with multiple other chicks

    Don't put the pussy on a pedestal

    And happy birthday
  6. This thread just screams "desperate" to me.

    Seems like you're more upset about missing out on the sloppy blowjob than not getting the girl
  7. Tell her how it is, tell her shes a manipulative cock monger cum guzzling babybatter burping whore.

    Edit: Happy birthday brotha!
  8. LOL who the hell plans blowjobs? Who the hell plans a bj weeks in advance? Some middle school shit right there.

  9. Highschool shit, man. And I was on vacation with my family. You can't really hook up with bitches at Disney World.
  10. happy camper is not so happy
  11. Wtf are you talking about Disney World is were all the fine hoochies are!

  12. Does anyone get my username? JW. I thought it was pretty creative but nobody has commented on it...
  13. I feel like an idiot for not seeing it.

  14. First letter of every word...
  15. I meant not seeing it before you explained it. I probably would have picked up on it easier without the space.

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