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Discussion in 'General' started by drfillmypipeup, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,
    Recently I met this girl that lives like right next to me and has been going to the same school as me for like 3 years ( I know, lol ) Ive always been high and i never really noticed her and never gave a shit. Recently i don't know how we just started chilling and she introduced me to her dealer that lives like 3 minutes away from me with some REALLY REALLY good home grown especially where i live in Paris, France. Anyways we started hanging out and shes been to my house a lot of times and we smoke weed everyday after school and even couple of times at lunch and stuff. So here is the problem!

    Shes cool and and stuff but i only talk to her much when im high! And when the topic gets too serious, for example today walking from her dealers we stopped at a park and rolled a doobie and smoked. She asked me about my past relationships and what drugs ive used and shit. The drug discussion wasnt bad but when she asked me about girls, like my train of thought just smashed off the tracks and i was like uhhhhh i dont know hahah. and i see like she wants it lol why else would she chill with me all the time and smoke her weed and shit.

    So how the fuck do i like hook up with her high guys? Am i like the only guy that gets fuckin RETARDED infront of woman when im high? Its been like 3 weeks weve been chilling. This week ima "try" to play it off and have a good weekend ya know :p

    Btw... she only smokes weed, barely drinks overall cool chick.

    Peace !
  2. Dude.....you live in Paris? Whats the bud like there?
  3. Ugh rare to find bud. Like her dealer is tight and all. but it goes to 15 euros a gram. 25-30 u.s dollars? im not sure. Its really good skunk. In paris your 99.9% to find hash over green.
  4. Damn thats expensive, but it fits with the overall "More expensive in Europe" theme. Hows the hash? All my life in the US I've only seen it once, never smoked it, and never bothered to make it. It's all buds over here.
  5. 15 Euros is roughly 20 American.
  6. yeah man weed makes me socially awkward around women as well

    but for some reason only women i dont really know that well

    also i am more awkward if i see i know i will see them again sometime soon
  7. haha yeah the hash is alright. 20 grams for 100 euros. Its preety decent.
    Overall this chicks weed is the bombbbb!
  8. thats awesome dude. this chick is worth it. stoner, hopefully attractive, and gives u weed. what more could u ask for? if shes letting you smoke her weed and yall are hangin alot id say go for it. i say go to her house smoke some weed watch a movie then hit that shit, or whatever you want to do lol
  9. Yeah man but her moms a bitch never leaves. but ill try then man. hoe fashow
  10. i used to be shy around bitches when i was high.. then i realized how sexy i am and stopped givin a fuck........ now i get mad pussy

  11. :cry:HAHAHAHAHA.

    I honestly fell off my chair when i saw that, especially the last 5 words.
  12. Aww let your wall down, or maybe try asking her on a date? Go get coffee somewhere, or lunch and just talk.

    I would agree with you that she seems into you and if you like her then try and make it work :) I wish you lots of luck!
  13. you quite high on your throne there now arnt ya big guy
  14. Dude...he's obviously way cooler and more fly than you could ever be.

    He's so goddamn cool he uses the word mad to describe a large quantity of things.

    Only thing that would make him cooler is if he pops his collar...

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