GC got a nice read for ya. 6/9/06 Story. Gets Better As It Goes. Read.

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  1. So Friday starts out wit my my boy D callin me, actually wakin me up out of sleep. We decide to hit up taco bell 4 sum lunch. On the way I rolled a nice dank nugg blunt for us, cant walk into a resturant or any time of food place without being baked. So we blaze up on the way in the bmwX5 and go to taco bell, eat, and leave. On the way back D asks me If I want to ride to Allentown,PA with him because this other kid J has to pick up a truck of his and we need to follow him back incase anything happens. I was all about it I love the road trips. Another dude came wit us, B, whos on crutches because of a quad accident. anywayz....

    So D pick me back up around 145pm-ish and He goes to his dudes house and gets a 20 bag, I had dank shit n the shit he got didnt compare, but it rolled out 3 blunts. We had those 3 blunts, a 12pack, n a 40. On the way down we burned 2 blunts and kicked all the beer. I was crunked ridiculously nice lol. We get to Allentown n meet J's X g/f and she tells him where exactly his truck is. After we see her we get to this pizza shop to eat, were in the middle of nowhere its like a real dirty TOWN. So J orders food and I didnt because I do have beef with this kid so I was like fuck it Im jus gonna eat his food, and I did lol.

    So back to the road....Were still drivin, like 45min farther than I'm thinkin we should be. We come to a sign "Nazereth, Bethlehem". I know I've heard of these 2 places in PA before but I was never there. Then J & D decide to get more erb. We are now in the ghettoest ghetto. I've been in North Philly ghetto, NY ghetto. We just drove into this one without knowing it, the houses are like 2 feet apart, all the same, dirty, and every porch theres atleast 5 african americans sitting on the porch. Were the only white kids in sight, in a black bmw x5 yet.

    I'm all crunked and they stop at this stoop with about 8 af. amerc. dudes on it and tells them they need trees, im jus sayin "keep drivin". Didnt feel like gettin jumped for this whip. But the dude says hes goin to get 1 ready for us, to come back around the block. I'm thinkin..."get the fuck outta here, no way this is happening" So we circle the block, taking the round bout away doing it, come around and now theres 18 af. amerc. dudes on that porch, 18, So we pull back up and my boy D (in passenger side, talking out the drivers side) is like "Let me see first" and the dude is like "Na Na I aint gettin ripped off" and were like creepin at like 2mph. So D goes "Theres 18 of ya'll n 4 of us and 1 kids crippled". Every dude stands up off the porch when he says that and im like jua Ahhhh Shit. Then D's like "na na na it aint like that , see i got the $$ (shows the $) I aint tryna get ripped off either" So the dude walks wit us as the car creeps then puts his hand on the roof and in the palm of his hand shows the $20 bag. We exchange $ for the bag and drive away.

    2 feet down the road I ask D to let me see the bag. He says "No, just smell it" I take a wiff and to my 100% total shocking surprise...We got like 1.5 of sum dank ass nuggs. Every ghett/dirty/lower class location I ever picked up bud off the stress from, was always sum dirty ass dry schwag, but this time i was deffinitly surprised. 2 Blunts were rolled out of it, The first blunt we smoked like half and we decided to put it out cuzz it upped out high by like 20 times.

    Fast foward a little...We finally get to the house with the truck at it and while J fills the tires up me n D finish the blunt off while this family, that we dont know or ever seen b4, is standind right next to the car w/ the windows down, we really didnt give a fuck what so ever tho. So we get goin (this was about a 5-6 hour drive/process) and me n D smoke the other blunt on the way home in the x5 and I pretty much was relaxing wit my eyes closed the whole way home, no doubt I was really fucked up. Got home around 8ish and passed out, its almost 10am and I jus got up not 2 long ago. lmfao.

    But its a new day, I still got my 8th of dankkk nuggs. Bottles Ready. Styles P Concert 2nite.

    Thanx 4 Readin....Get @ Me

  2. LoL man, I hate trips to the ghetto...

    Especially because I have a Rebel Flag bumper sticker...
  3. Nice read. LMAO
  4. i agree. sounds like a good time after the fact :)
  5. sounds like a story of rich white kids lost in the ghetto
  6. lol i thought u were gonna die
    but instead u got ur bud and everything was good sounds like a Dank day
  7. lol. not rich or lost, but this was my craziest ghetto experience. crazy than bein shot at when making a wrong turn into NJ. Pretty good time tho
  8. Thats gonna be a tight concert.
  9. haha how many blunts did you guys smoke that day?
  10. I'd be more scared of 18 white guys
  11. 1 blunt b4 the trip, 3 on the way down, 2 down there n 2 back. add em up lol
  12. once driving in chicago me, my girlfriend and 2 friends were in my girlfriend's scion and we turned down a street and weren't paying attention until we got up to like 100-150 black people standing in the street.

    i think they were dancing, but we noticed them when they were all staring at us while we were driving towards them. so they make a path so the car can fit, and we drive past and go down a block and it's a dead end.

    so we drive back and get stared down again and then just drive off. it was so wierd having that many people just stop and stare at you.

    cool story. gotta love gettin a flame bag from a complete stranger.

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