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GC friends in RL?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Clevaland_steam, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. how many of you guys/gals have become friends in real life or smoked with us wonderful people on GC? I was just thinking that to myself today and thought I would ask..:wave:

    and if you had/do, did you call them by real name (ex. adam, or jess) or call them by the name they use on GC in person as to keep yourself still a little "protected"? I had no better word to use, but like instead of "hey, im josh smith from grass city, glad us texas people could meet up" you would be like "hey moss_muncher_87654386534" or whatever lol?
  2. Lol, no but this is common.
  3. i got a friend i toke with to join GC. that count?
  4. i think meeting up and smoking with someone on gc would be pretty awesome :)
  5. It would depend on where I originally met them and what their Username is but for now no.
  6. i was just curious, because since I moved back to where I am at now, I really don't have anyone to toke with or anything. And I was curious about what other people do on this site. Or if they ever just hang out.
  7. i met someone on here who lives in the same area i do. i call him in times of desperate need for a hook up. we dont hang out but when he helps me out we usually blaze one.
  8. Not yet but, If it happens it happens
  9. Just a friendly reminder that if you are indeed going to try to arrange a meeting with someone from GC you have to do it over Private Message. Looking for people over threads I believe is against the rules.
  10. Yea be careful with people on the internet, even in the GC community. The internets is a scurry place.
  11. im not trying to meet with people in RL on here. I was just asking, and seeing what goes on. I am in no way trying to find a hookup or whatever and all that jazz. It was a questions I had, followed by a statement. And yes, I agree that the internet is a scary place.

  12. and I appreciate your caring, kind words, but like I said, I'm not asking for shit. I just made a statement. The day where I become so dependent on something that I have to come on here, and beg and find people to go and kick it with over this is a day that you sir, will never see. it's just a quesion that had me make a comment to someone elses comment...end of story, but thanks.:wave:

    no offense
  13. #13 JoMommaNoid, Sep 24, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 24, 2010
    Hey, great story.
    Can you tell me another?

    I haven't met up with anyone from here...I've not been here very long and well I live in Australia so I'm among a minority there - Though if I got talking to one of the Aussie members here and they were nearby, subject to an assessment over some time, and if the circumstances were right I'd consider it.
    There's maybe one person I've spoken to here that if ever they made a trip over here I'd probably hang out with/get drinks etc...they know who they are.
    I've actually met someone from an Australian green forum (which is rather full of a-holes), after talking for quite a while, giving eachother some advice and recommendations and becoming friends online on the forum/through msn.
    We live in different states but email all the time. Occasionally he makes the trip every few months. When we met I took what I consider to be neccessary precautions, but yeah it played out fine.
    Advice would be, get to know the person for at least a few months, don't go alone, and don't invite them into your house until they have proven themselves (or at all) in your eyes. Meet on neutral ground. See how it plays out.
    We now meet up whenever we're both in the same place, email heaps, and send stuff back and forth all the time, vaped together, eaten together, watched movies, hung out...s'all good, but that's not to say there's not any psychos out there either.
  14. i think the only people i would meet up with would be some black or puerto rican girls from ny. theyre funny as hell lmfao.
  15. I haven't met anyone on here in real life. I think it would be a neat idea but as someone else has said, I'd want to get to know 'em on here a bit first and see if we "click".
  16. Not yet. Would be cool though.
  17. Nope, but im close to meeting someone who hit me up earlier in the week. id be cool to have other costa mesa tokers to blaze with .

  18. lol :devious:
  19. There are a few people that I chat with on here that I wouldn't mind to meet up with, but I'd never actually do it with anyone else.. On here we are just names.. I wouldn't want to meet up with anyone and some how end up with the undercover po po on my tail for my grow.. That would be lame.. If I didn't grow their would be a better possibility, but still never know with people now adays.. They could be cool as hell until they meet up with ya and take your weed.. That would suck..

  20. i feel what your saying. dont take them to your house though? and what do you mean by take your weed? like the cops taking it? or someone robbin you? keep the tool on deckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

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