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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Neonlife, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. If I buy something off of GC will the box have any indication of paraphernalia?
  2. It wouldnt matter because its legal. Unless you buy a bong cuz I know theres like a state that banned bongs.
    But to answer your question it probably wouldn't say what it is.
  3. he just wants to know if his parents will see whether the box is from GC
  4. Customs will sometimes put a sticker on the package after checking it that states what the item is. Sometimes being the key word.
  5. Haha thats for sure.
    When we went and got Floydian's Mad Scientist v2 from the post office it had a custom sticker that said "GLASS PIPE" on it. It was a white box with bright orange tape.. but other then then that, no it just says "SJV" as the sender
  6. Hah, I hope my Mad Scientist makes it to PA, rofl. My mail lady is gonna flip shit when she sees "Glass Pipe" on a box... she would never expect my family to smoke. Oh well...
  7. In the support section GC says that theres no outside reference to GC so ur good. And im fucked if my package says "METAL PIPE" on it. or i mite b
  8. My package said 'Glass Pipe' on the content description thing for customs.
  9. damn i guess ima jus hav to get the package b4 my parents or my cousin get it. and if they ask ill say its a part for my paintball gun or something. u think thtd work?
  10. Idk, I'm not your parents.
  11. good point lol

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