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GC Code word

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by doubled0218, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. So im chillin right now just vaped outta my mflb and took a few bong hits alone high and i had a thought, what if we had a grasscity code word or some shit like that. Lmfao, like if you saw a stoner in your town or something and you just throw it up like a hand symbol a G or something and they dont respond you know they arent down with GC. Or shout out a word that everyone on the forums gets to know? for example if you just moved to a new town that you know is pretty stoner friendly this could be of aid. thats not really public disturbance or gang affiliation.
    You never know how many stoners in your town that you dont know browse GC, maybe even your friends.

    Just a high thought and decided to see what u guys think. Posted this in the apprentice tokers section because it has alot of people viewing.
    stay high :smoke:
  2. I would use asl signs for GREEN C
  3. sounds like a good plan I wuld find a lot of people that go on gc in my area I culd just do it on the bus andmaybe find some people
  4. Just scream "YOUR MILF PUSSY FEELS SO GOOD." Most blades would know the reference.

    (For the newer members, there was a troll thread of a guy who saw a prostitute and that's something he supposedly said during the sex)

  5. Never saw that? Was it closed? I would love to see it :p
  6. I have a stoner radar..I'd say it works 95% of the time.
  7. "Hey, there's a lot of grass in this city."

    "There sure is. Could you help me mow it?"
  8. ^^^^^^^^ YES!!!!!!!!!!!!i
  9. How about, "Any Blades here?"
  10. "No, I don't carry a knife on me." :p
  11. i like the lots of grass one but id more likly just be like know of grasscity? or honestly id be like hay you smoke weed you should check out this website if you want to learn more

  12. Seriously, can we make this happen? I'm planning a trip(honeymoon) to Colorado and would love some way to meet blades to show me and my fiance around and some cool toking spots.

  13. lmao thats golden
  14. Ahhhh, don't you mean new wife?
    If you start making mistakes like that, now, you're going to be in deeeep shit right at the start of your marriage.
  15. Doesn't sound like they are married yet. :p

  16. Yea, but he's right lol we're planning to go there for our honeymoon so if I'm saying "fiance" after we're married I'll be sleeping on the inflate-able mattress sooner than I thought.

    That being said, she's not a toker but she's alright with me being one. So much so that we were planning our honeymoon for a cruise that stopped in Amsterdam for a day but why pay thousands for that one day highlight when we could pay less, stay in the country, and toke every night?

    Ah, I'm excited!

  17. That sounds like heaven my man. Why go to amsterdam when you can get some danker shit in stonerville. Lmao, I hope you and your fiance have a bomb ass time.

    So you guys wanna say something like whats with all the grass in this city?
  18. Lol.. not necessary. Grasscity is already sort of good enough. And about 70-80% of all weed smokers I have met know of this site already.

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