GBs... Why the bad rep?

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  1. Now don't get me wrong, I love my bong and bowl, but I have a love affair with GBs, bucket bongs, whatever you wanna call them. However, I feel like some of my buddies write off gbs as a middle school thing. It's not! I'm not desperate for an apparatus, I have glass, I just like how hard gbs rip.

    How can I make a respectable-looking gb at home? Mind is a straight-tube (like a smart water bottle) except a little fatter. I use my bong slide for the bowl, and it's pretty clean (I change the water after use). It doesn't look like shit, but I want to have something that looks respectable and decent.

    Are there any nice glass liquor bottles that look gb-worthy?

    And has anyone ever slapped an ashcater onto theirs? If so, was it awesome?

    Thanks for listening!

  2. I have used an ashcatcher with a 90 degree stem on one to try and make it less harsh. I made the hole at the bottom of the waterfall a bit bigger than normal to make up for drag (wanted stronger suction to pull smoke through the a/c) and it worked but the a/c did milk up a shit load and a lot of smoke had to be hit through that.
  3. Are you using just a plastic bottle?
  4. I think when I did that it was with a plastic bottle yes. but if you are somebody who likes to hit waterfalls a lot you should look into using glass as its much safer and less potentially harmful to your lungs.
  5. A bottle of grey goose would be perfect. Its the exact right shape and it has a little fogginess to it
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    I'll try this. Thanks for the tip!

    EDIT: So I have a gray goose bottle and one of Absolut. The Gray Goose cap has a cork, which I won't be able to drill through for a slide, and the Absolut bottle is perfect, pretty much.

    How can I cut the glass at the bottom? Can I use the old flaming string trick and then submerge it in cole water like for wine bottles?
  7. This is my "we're about to leave, want to get high in 2 minutes" piece. It only takes 2-3 hits and you're good. Fuck what your buddies say, but if you want them to take you a little more serious pick up a Vortex.

  8. I used to love gravity bongs back in high school. :D

    Seriously though if u like GB's then use em. Fuck what anyone else thinks.

    I just dont like the hassle.
  9. I love them to but I hate the fact that they look ghetto. Ive actually been thinking about getting one of these:
  10. My gravity bong looks ghetto but it gets me higher than any other piece I've bought. It conserves weed nicely too.

    Only people I know who don't like gbs are lightweights because it gets them " too high".

    Like a year ago, my friend smoked out of my gb for his first time. We went to a hookah bar after we smoked. Right when we sat down in the bar my friend started freaking out and just ran out the door. After10 minutes he didn't come back so I went outside to look for him. I found him around the block throwing up on the sidewalk. He was so high hahaha, didn't even know what was happening, like he was drunk or something.

    Then he sat in my car for a couple hours while me and my other friend finished our shisha.

    That friend hasn't smoke from a gb since and he doesn't even like bongs because of it. He sticks to joints lol.

  11. haha yes I have seen many people get wayyyy too fucked up on gb's. Have had several acquaintances boot and freak out. some people just can't handle it.
  12. i just dont like it. Feel like the smoke gets stale and its annoying to have to have a big bucket around. used to use them, but now i prefer to rip a stemline instead of a gravity bong.

    its just a hassle... if you want to smoke it, smoke it lol
  13. Tastes like ass, usually made from plastic, usually made by people who TyP3 L1k3 t41S.

    That's just three things. I'm sure I could think of more..

    I also don't see how it's any faster/better than a traditional bong system. I mean, if you've got lazy lungs...I guess it's useful...but, honestly, I've had asthma all my life and I can still milk a bong.
  14. Yea I used to do waterfalls allllll the time when I was a freshman and sophmore in high school but I just can't handle how harsh they are on the throat and how shitty they usually taste.

    If you are someone who still does them often though, please upgrade to a glass liquor bottle or one that's not made out of a plastic gatorade bottle. Its going to be better trust me
  15. I just really like them. They milk hard, it's really fun doing it, and I have a nostalgia for them since they were my first times.

    Idk, I guess I'm just weird like that.
  16. The reason why they're look frowned upon is because of the simplicity. People will hold themselves to "higher standards" and expect a nice hand blown piece. I've hit many gravity bongs and I loved them, but I am a glass fiend now.
  17. I love gbs, mine is a mason jar with a perfectly fitted bottle (voss I think?) And it milks amazingly. Concerves bud too.
  18. I used to love these. Made them out of pretty much every bottle I could pick up at the store. My favorite was the SoBe one, but that's cause every hit was orange from it. The most recent one I made was out of a Cranberry Juice bottle and it was killer on the lungs.
  19. Hell yea I love my gb. It's been my daily driver the past 2 years. It builds up your tolerance
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    You guys gotta man up and get the big ass containers!!

    That's what I use right there, if I'm in the mood for some geebs

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