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Gbs w/ blunt paper...ever do this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pantdrix420, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. a little while ago i was low on mids and was tryna get high so i found sum unraveled blunt roach paper from like the day before and decided to put the paper in and then the bud. i took a rip and it got me pretty high. now with every roach i have i save the paper and when im low on bud or tryna save i put the remaining blunt leaf in with the bud and take a gb rip. im doin it with headies (if you think about it its like takin a big ass hit of a blunt of headies). i was just wonderin if anyone else does or has done this.
  2. I dont think I have ever really been this desprite. I see people resin hitting old pipes, smoking bowls of seeds, smoking stems, anything to get a little buz even if you get a big headache. I figured if I ever really got that addicted to weed and that helpless for a high i would check myself in somewhere.

    cmon man... your burning paper with resin (edit) and tar on it...
  3. well once awhile, i clean my pipes and get shit load of resins and smoke it up, man it get u FUCKED UP HIGH!!! everybody that i know does it, theres nothing wrong with it.
  4. ive put resin ontop of bowls to, it does get you really high no doubt. im talking about people that are dry and will sit there for a hour resin hitting a pipe on a perfectly fine summer day. there is nothing wrong with being a stoner, but when it takes over your life entirely and you cant function without being high, you got probs
  5. #5 pantdrix420, Aug 23, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 23, 2008
    i think you missed this thread man
    ...anyway if you like hittin blunts its the same shit pretty much in theory.

    P.S. i didnt say i didnt have bud i said i was low and i do it when im tryna save or when im runin low. the small amount would have gotten me a lil high but not much, so i thought the tobacco would help up the high. it was an experiment that happened to work for me
  6. im relaxed bro. im not trying to hate or anything.

    i just dont see the need to get high that badly
    but i have never really been dry when i wanted to smoke.
    either my friends have some and want to smoke me up or my contact knows im good for my money and wil front me up to a cut
  7. that thread isnt just bout bein relaxed it also about bein possitive man. you said somethin that wasnt really offensive, just it was negative. theres no need for that. if your gonna say somethin negative then just dont say anything. its pretty simple
  8. this is pretty funny idea man, makes since but i've never considered doin it, just avoid getting dry
  9. smoking resin is pretty despirate imo
    just like smoking stems
  10. sounds harsh bro.
    i think you are getting "super high" because you are filling that gravity bong up with some bud smoke and a lot of tobacco leaf smoke.

    thats my opinion though.
  11. take about 5 roaches and roll em up in a blunt. :smoking:
  12. i actually save up all my roach's when the get realy small and rool them up in a paper and hit that shit of my bong (not like blunt paper like leaf paper) the thing many people dont understand is reasin has tons of thc in it becaus eit catches incoming thc from the smoke passing by it, also if im not mistaken reasin is primaraly thc just in a semi sold state like once turned into gas and then concentrated down to a semi solid state. But also smoke paper gives you a headache.

    P.S. smoke that shit out of a bong so you can hit it then cover the top and hit that shit agian only let it go deeper in your lungs it helps from wasting that precious smoke, and also filters out some other shit (no not tar as tar is only as salouble in water as thc is but still other shit and helps reduce the headache)

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